Conman with the " crust "

resident of Uzbekistan offered Muscovites buy apartments for Muscovites deshevke.Zhitel Uzbekistan offered to buy an apartment on the cheap.

staff DAEC ATC South-west of Moscow detained a swindler, who offered to help with the purchase of an apartment at below market prices in newly constructed homes.On gullible buyers flawlessly acted fake certificates that the 42-year-old native of Uzbekistan Maribzhon Baimuratov demonstrated to its customers.One he represents workers of the Moscow government, the other - an employee of the FSB.

But the strongest impression on buyers identity Colonel ABOP.This abbreviation victim Baymuratova treated as OBOP (Department for Combating Organized Crime) and trust their money attacker.

"Baimuratov good judge of character he quickly realized someone a license to show his victims found through familiar acquaintances or in expensive clubs among those who appealed to him for the service, were very wealthy people -... He said in an interview with" Gazeta"Head of the 1st Bran

ch DAEC ATC South-West of Moscow Alexey Gnatyuk -. The first payment for an apartment in a newly built house Baimuratov priced from $ 20 thousand to $ 60 thousand for the more convincing he took clients on the construction site After that disappeared, and the money spent..."

Statement to the police wrote a resident of the capital, who was waiting for two years, when he can enter into the new building on University Avenue.She introduced Baimuratov Director of ZAO "Elcom Trading," and offered to invest in the construction of a residential home, promising to get an apartment and garage.It is interesting that this company really exist, but neither of which Baymuratova there is not heard.Nevertheless, the woman believed and gave the first installment.First Baimuratov soothed her with promises that the building is about to end and she immediately got the keys to the apartment, and then disappeared.

Baymuratova detained on 23 November.Now he is in Butyrka.He was charged under Article 159 part 4 ( "Fraud in a large scale").According to Alexei Hnatyuk he delayed giving confessions, and has collected materials on five counts of fraud.Meanwhile, the victims could be much higher.In this connection, the police asked all affected Baymuratova activities, please call 129-3866 or 125-2132.