Hackers tricked search engines

Internet users warned of a new danger: criminals disguise their sites trap under normal pages that appear in the results of the Internet network poiska.Polzovateley warn of new dangers: hackers disguise their sites trap under normal pages that appear in the results of search network.

experts identified this tactic, using search portals that received such requests as "Christmas gifts" or "hospice".

Hunting their victims, offenders are registered thousands of domain names by which "convince" search programs that are quite serious sources of information.

fall for such traps, Windows operating system users access to the malicious sites that can capture as a result of their computers, and to extract from them the personal data.

role of blogs in the field of computer security experts say that the attempts to "fine-tune" the results of network research undertaken in the past, but the current scale of illegal operations simply unprecedented.

"simply epic scale", - says Alex Eklberri, head of the firm Sun

belt Software, one of those who spotted the attack.

According to him, at the forefront of the attack - tens of thousands of domains, the majority of which are registered by the Chinese in the United States a couple of days ago.Sites, "sitting" on these domains - a trap with a clever software that seeks out the gaps in the browser Internet Explorer.

"If your car is not patched completely, then you can" settle "- Eklberri explains

criminals who bought the domains managed." Convince "search programs used by such portals like Google, MSN and Yahoo, thatare reliable and popular sources of information, the expert adds.

This task is performed by a plurality of "comments", placed in blog posts, which raise a particular page in the search results.

Company Sunbelt found that malicious sites respond to entering into a searchline combinations such as "hospice," "cotton gin and its impact on slavery," "infinity", as well as many other

"you can look for something totally safe -. and be caught in the net, - says Eklberri.- It is very unpleasant.In every way encourage each and every one: do everything possible to ensure complete safety of his car "

remain vigilant

company Trend Micro, dealing with computer security, also found a number of websites traps lie in wait for those who are going to buy over the Internet Christmas gifts

..One of the leaders of the company Raymund Ginza suggested that when a site-traps can stand Russian business Network - the world's largest virtual company, which server provides professional services online criminals voruyuschim money from bank accounts earning child pornography, as well as sending viruses andspam.

assumed that sites trap lasted about a day before Google began to remove them from the search results. according to some information, some sites traps still appears in the search results, Yahoo and MSN Live.

However, according toAccording Eklberri, Internet users still encounter similar sites in the future.