Japanese scientist , " wrote " " The Brothers Karamazov "

Japanese scholar and literary critic, Professor, Rector of the Tokyo Institute of Foreign Languages ​​Ikuo Kameyama (Ikuo Kameyama) "has added" "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoevsky.In addition to the new translation of the Russian writer's masterpiece, he published a book, which sets out a possible course of events, are also designed pisatelem.V interview with RIA Novosti, he said that the idea of ​​"complete" the novel came to him not once, but only at the very end, when he translated the fourthpart of the work.

"I have become evident some details, characters, whose actions are clearly intended to develop in the future, - the professor said -. Finally, I realized that Dostoevsky wrote with the idea to continue, and I could not resist the temptation."

Kameyama, by his own admission, "as it was placed on the writer landmarks, noting scattered grain and collecting them in the proposed structure."He immediately made a reservation that was not going to fantasize, but tried to make everything as s

cientific and literary."My imagination was justified, and I hope that Dostoevsky would have thanked me for it," - he said.

In Japan, it is the eighth translation of Dostoevsky's masterpiece.The first one came out in 1920, the last - in the 1970s, but all of them were very difficult to read because of differences of language, and psychological, so Professor Kameyama before work has developed a number of strategic points.

First of all, he has simplified and slightly reduced the names of the actors, as they (and especially - middle name) is very difficult to remember the Japanese."Many readers of previous translations simply postponed the book, entangled in endless diminutive and other forms of names," - he explained.

However, it was the only intervention in the content of the novel.Another key moment was the creation of an adequate translation of the Japanese rhythm.In the novel, a lot of dialogue, so it is, in principle, can not read and listen to.And Professor Kameyama succeeded: many Japanese readers were just amazed, did not expect that Dostoevsky's text is so rhythmic.It is no exaggeration to say that such a text in the history of Japanese literature in translation first appeared.

Tackle translation of "The Brothers Karamazov" by Ikuo Kameyama I decided for personal reasons."In a certain sense, this was the main goal of my life, after which execution is possible and die," - he said, saying that invested in translating the experience of his life.

two years do the work required of the stress of mental strength that now that he has started a new translation of "Crime and Punishment", the work is very slow."However, this novel was and remains popular among Japanese intellectuals, and I want to feel it well and our young generation", - said Kameyama.

professor believes that by identifying themselves with Raskolnikov, letting his experience and feelings through my heart, the young people will come to life much better prepared and emotionally enriched.

Rightly sensing study of Dostoevsky's work as the work of his life, he proposes to read "Crime and Punishment" in adolescence, in the 20s - "Idiot", after forty - "The Brothers Karamazov", after fifty - "Teen"but after sixty - again "Karamazov" at a new level of perception.

new translation of "The Brothers Karamazov", published by "Kobunsya" (Kobunsha) unexpectedly became a bestseller in Japan, setting a sales record for the works of foreign classics in Japan.To date, it has already sold over half a million copies, and in bookstores novel kits do not lie.

Ikuo Kameyama said his "publisher Komai was happy when I saw the sales figures: in the beginning, in its approach the seller, he was almost certain failure of the project."Now, he said the professor, he had the intention to continue the "Russian line" and publish the new translation of "Anna Karenina."

He said that "Russian literature is a very good read in the 60-70 years of last century, and now clearly emerged" new wave ", stimulated by globalization."According to statistics from the public opinion polls revealed that about 50% of readers of the book are young, intelligent, working women aged a little over thirty."The situation is quite paradoxical, since shortly before all spoke and wrote about the" fatigue from the long products ", and" The Brothers Karamazov "- a very long novel," - he said.

reason for the success of their transfer Kameyama believes "the consonance of feelings expressed in the novel, the mood of people in the current era.""For people in the age of globalization" complex Karamazov "is a profound drama, leaves scars in the mind, - he said -. The impact of Dostoevsky's contemporaries was very serious."

Simultaneously with the transfer and "end", "The Brothers Karamazov" by Ikuo Kameyama released scientific study "The mystery and the power of Dostoevsky", also became an event in the literary world of Japan.

next week will be held in Tokyo Professor Kameyama awarding a special prize of the newspaper "Mainichi" for the best translation of the year.