Police released Nemtsov , but did with him a souvenir photo

"Dissenters' March in St. Petersburg stretched for two days - Saturday and Sunday.The situation was similar to Moscow: in the first day of the opposition staged a rally near the Concert Hall "October", but did not organize the march, because Moscow has not arrived SPS leaders.On Sunday, Nemtsov got to Peter and the procession took place.As a result, the tip pravyh.Uchastniki Sunday's protest was among the detainees (they had accumulated approximately a thousand people) have gathered in the morning at the Concert Hall "October" and went along Nevsky Prospekt to the Palace Square, where he wanted to hold a meeting.Performed they are against the actions of the police and arrests.At the Hermitage advised demonstrators to turn around and go back to the area of ​​the square Rebellion.Not left Nevsky people were taken and taken away in special buses.

According to preliminary calculations, for Saturday and Sunday in St. Petersburg were detained about 200 participants of the "March" and the subsequent protests.

At the time of arrest, was severely beaten Shurshev Alexander, one of the activists of the St. Petersburg "Apple".The victim was taken to the Mariinsky Hospital, where he remains to this day.

- Colonna did not have time to go and ten meters along the pavement when suddenly there were people in masks and black jackets.In their hands were NBP flags.Police rushed to them first, and then on a peaceful march citizens without posters and flags, - said the "MK" on the phone the injured man.

Boris Nemtsov was arrested on Palace Square, he was put in the car to the loud cheers of the crowd: "This is illegal!Release Nemtsov! "The protesters surrounded the car and even tried to recapture the prisoner, but they pushed riot batons.That's what Mr. Nemtsov said yesterday, "MK": "I was taken for communication with the people.They put in a paddy wagon and taken to the 19th police station.Good people, we talked to them, they took pictures with me and let him go. "

Also among those detained were SPSovtsy Nikita Belykh, Gozman.According to Boris Nemtsov and Gozman "greatly struck.Broke his hand or not - I can not say no one has an X-ray did not do. "Other sources in the ATP say hand in Gozman dislocated.