Sugar , butter and the Civil Code : Named the most unusual sources of billions of dollars ( it's fun )

There are many different lists of the richest people in the world.Once or tried to classify them: by gender, nationality, profession.Most of the billions of dollars generated in the investment business, fashion, retail trade, and energy.However, there are other examples.Among the richest people in the world, there are some who have created their empires in not the most popular sectors of business activity.

richest inhabitant of the African continent -. "Sugar king" Aliko Dangote, which occupies 51 th place in the Forbes list with a fortune of $ 13.8 billion small trading company, established in 1977, has evolved over time into a huge conglomerate, became firstthe main supplier of sugar for local producers of soft drinks, beer and sweets, and then spread the influence of the cement business, not only at home but also in Benin and Ghana.New enterprises are being built in Zambia, Tanzania, Congo and Ethiopia, and shipping terminals - in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Malaysian billionaire Lee Shin Cheng, the

founder of IOI Group, nicknamed the "tree of the caster."He started with the issue of palm oil, which is widely used in food, cosmetic and metallurgical industries.Now his group is engaged in real estate development in Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe and the United States, ranking 208 th place in the list.But it worked and lived on the rubber plantation and did not take control in the palm plantation Dunlop Estate Company once Lee Shin Cheng, the son of a Chinese shopkeeper, who left school at 11 years old.But 20 years later, he returned and bought the company, which rejected it.That day Lee believes the happiest in his life.

Chu Lam Yu, president of the Hong Kong company Huabao International, received nothing inherited from their parents and other relatives.But in his 38 years in 2008, he appeared on the Forbes list at 760th place with a fortune of $ 1.3 billion. For ten years, starting with the perfume business and trade spices, Chu has created a whole investment empire and now has moved to the 409-thamong the richest people in the world.

the richest and most famous American lawyer Joe Dzhameyla occupying 833rd line with an income of $ 1.5 billion, styled "King of the Civil Code."He is so in demand that on the threshold rejected hundreds of cases, no matter how loud they may seem.One of the last was the proposal to conduct numerous lawsuits against BP, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico."I'm too busy", - he said.In 1985, he won the case between Pennzoil and Texaco oil companies, which became the most expensive suit in history: Texaco had to pay $ 11 billion, and Dzhameyla fee was $ 335 million Thanks to him, the producers withdrew three dangerous product:. Rifle, Remington 600, a three-wheeled Honda SUV andParlodel medicine.He won more than 200 cases of personal injury compensation of more than $ 1 million each.

A former deputy chairman of the Ukrainian state company "Naftogaz Ukraine" Oleg Bakhmatyuk now called the "chicken king".If in 2007 he sold his share in the gas distribution companies, and did not leave the business, the success of which so much depends on the political climate, is now unlikely that he would have a profitable business.Instead, he focused on the bought in the four years before that in his native Ivano-Frankivsk egg production.Today, in his "egg empire" 19 poultry farms, 6 units of feed production, egg processing plant, 3 units for breeding poultry breeding, store 3 and 9 farms across Ukraine.