Top 8 animal pleasures : a dog's life in a country house ( an interesting life )

Keep a large dog in the apartment - a dubious pleasure for the animal.But life in a country house pet will like.Especially if you take into account those new items that offer designers for the comfort of pets.

1. As a country house to do without rocking chair?And if it also provides a special place for the dog, it is doubly good.So decided to designers from Paulbaut studio and came up with a rocking chair Rocking-2-gether.Author of the project - designer Paul joined Kveton idea chairs and doghouse.Rocking-2-gether made of light wood.

2. bench-shell Sherry Wowo Dog Pod from Vurv design bureau.This bed will give a sense of security small dogs.In addition, it will fit harmoniously into the interior of the house in Art Nouveau style.Bench is made of wood, is available in different colors.Inside the removable cleaning pad made of artificial fur.

3. For those whose pets proyavlyut excessive aggression, invented more ingenious solution than sign "Beware of the dog".Dr. Temple Grandin - an expert

on animal behavior, Dr. livestock at Colorado State University and the Design Bureau developed a special vest for dogs Thundershirt.The vest has a calming effect and embrace affects the animal.Now, even the four-legged cocky, getting constant affection, become friendlier.

4. In the summer of bright sunshine dog eyes need the same protection as a person.For example, with just such breathable points with 50% of patronage from ultraviolet radiation.Points easy to dress up and do not restrict the animal's head.A special design does not limit visibility for dogs, opening the review of 270 degrees.

5. Light Buggy - a great way to take your four-legged pet on long walks in the park or the woods outside the city.This Black Roadster Pet Stroller is suitable for large dogs.It combines modern design, low landing, waterproof floor and other amenities for the owner and his pet.

6. Often dogs are so attached to their owners, even eat for the company.A small pets often win back the place, even at the dinner table.To delineate the space - and his beloved friend - designers recommend creative chair table Bone Appetit Seat.Stable wooden hand painted design Talin original design bureau.Suitable dogs weighing up to 13.5 kg.

7. hot summer dog is especially difficult, because the heat transfer takes place only through their language.Caring owner would have to take care of the pool for your four-legged friend.The pool is made of contemporary dense material that is resistant to animal claws.It is easy to inflate and deflate.Incidentally, in the assembled state it occupies very little space.

8. Going to rest on the nature and planning meals for themselves, would be nice to think that, from what would have four-legged friend.In this case, you can use a folding table Camp K9 Travel Diner with two bowls for food and water.The design of the metal frame and polyester lightweight, compact and easy to clean.