The most original country barbecue for the weekend ( it's fun )

On weekends, many seek to break out of the city from the stuffy metropolis.Aroma

kebabs heard since Saturday morning, but should enter the countryside settlements.In a circle of friends or family so nice to cook the meat and vegetables on the grill, so the barbecue has become an indispensable attribute of any garden plot."Business Style" has made a selection of unusual ways to design focus on the outdoors.

Compact grill Sigmafocus French designer Dominique Imbert, who founded the company Focus Fireplace, attached to the wall of the house.It is suitable for those who like to cook on an open fire for yourself or a small family.Round metal base on which rests a grill protects the wall of the house from burning.And when Sigmafocus not use, steel hemisphere in which the grid for grilling, and rises gently attached to the wall.It is not necessary each time to shovel coal.

compact tabletop barbecue will make the process of preparation a part of the meal.Brisbane Tabletop BBQ can be placed directly on the d

ining table.Grill is made of solid steel.The heating temperature is regulated in it, allowing to control the timing and degree of roasting.Cost - about 50 pounds.

"Smart" barbecue developed four designers - Cheng Hye, Vanlan Lu, Zhang Liao Hui Vendzhun and - for those who like to cook outdoors.Concept Voyage BBQ even received an award in the design of Red Dot.This whole set of items needed for cooking in field conditions.In addition to direct grill kit includes a set of chairs, a table, sideboard for dishes, dishwasher, refrigerator.And for a snack and even iPod dock.Incidentally, the "smart" grill called because it does not require fasting, supervision, unlike conventional barbecues.

luxurious high-tech BBQ Pro Joe designer Kamado Joe is made of ceramics.It can significantly reduce the cooking time.And as is known, the smaller the products are subjected to heat treatment, the more valuable substances into them remain.Pro Joe - stationary barbecue for the garden with a large barbecue area, which will prepare immediately for a big company.The latest heat preservation technology provides the highest possible temperature that can be adjusted at will cook, grill equipped with a universal air cooling system and a modern design.

Designer Simon Strachinaru took care of those who are deprived of a country house.His name is Bruce - practical barbecue for the balcony.It is made in the form of an elongated rectangle and reminds container for flowers.Incredibly compact grill rather entertain you than feed, since it would have to devote a considerable amount of time.

Stone barbecue StoveTec from the company for those who prefer to make a fire, and do not use ready-made charcoal.This design Wood Rocket Stove allows you to use only 20% of wood fuel for cooking in comparison with the open fire.It is known that the elements formed by the combustion, a negative impact on the food, so you should avoid contact with the flame products.Stone barbecue design conceived in such a way that the burning logs are inside.And from the outside before it is even possible to touch, which is especially important for families with children.Incidentally, Wood Rocket Stove is very stable and can not be afraid that it will overturn rebyatnya played out.Because of the hidden fire it can be used in the country in those places where a fire is prohibited.