Aromas of tablets : traditional perfume may soon disappear ( this is interesting )

Russians found aromas oral administration during Prohibition that so well reflected, for example, in the famous alkoromane "Moscow - Petushki".Now, however, orally applied scents can get a second - and very fashionable - the birth.

seems that soon will not need bottles of perfume and eau de toilette.We do not need to be sticks and bottles of deodorant.Spirits in the near future will be produced in capsules or tablets.Do you want your skin to emit a pleasant aroma, swallow a pill in the morning, then a day will smell like roses or oranges!

Pillbox Japanese manufacturer has recently released several types of capsules called Kaƶru: to test the demand for "oral deodorants" The Japanese have done without perfume Christian Dior or Chanel.Capsules come in three varieties: Bulgarian rose, citrus blend and cheesecake (rose and vanilla), and calculated for six hours flavoring.

works is pretty simple as those "beauty cocktail": a mixture of aromatic oils and active substances is placed in a wafer, which is diss

olved in the digestive tract.Concentrate natural active substances into the blood stream and then out through the pores of the human skin in the form of weak but noticeable odor.It is important to make sure that the active fragrance was not involved in the metabolism of a person and is not harmful.New

it?How to say.

remember that not so long ago there was a message about the Japanese chewing gum Fuwarinka for men, which gave human sweat three flavors: mint, pink, pink fruity and citrus.Furthermore, it contained anti-age useful ingredients in the gum: Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

ancients already knew about this way.Special diet for brides existed in many nations: in India a month before the marriage, the bride began to eat rose petals and avoid onions and garlic.These bad examples, you know, the day before yesterday eaten garlic, onions, and asparagus to remind myself this morning malodorous sulfur metabolism.

Try to spend on a more pleasant experiment: Take fenugreek seeds (also known as Shambhala, Chaman or fenugreek), brew a cup of hot water for 20 minutes and drink.The next day the smell of the elbow fold: your skin will smell sweet maple syrup, caramel and curry powder.

A French company has released Liquoristerie de Provence eau Absolument Absinthe, inspired by the smell of leather people constantly consuming absinthe, and imitating the odor by using fragrance.

Open secret new oral deodorants.By the way, a Bulgarian company Alpi offers deodorants, lollipops Deo Perfume Candy, which makes not only a sweet taste in the mouth, but the sweet smell of leather.Japanese Bulgarian and used as the basic substance perfumers alcohol is a well known natural origin - geraniol.It is found in the oils of rose, lemongrass and palmarosa, almost insoluble in water and passes through a person, without changing their smell.If the first attempt is successful oral aromas, perhaps in 20 years we will forget about the bottles and Guerlain will swallow tablets.