Smell of fried .Perfumers up the spirits of the volcano , bacon and books ( this is interesting )

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the protagonist of the book Patrick Suskind, "Perfume", would probably have loved the modern world - a new generation of perfumers do not consider loonies when they create a perfume with the smell of french fries or hot stone.Moreover, these flavors are even buyers.And demand is known to be a long and hard on friendly terms with the proposal.For example, the battery will soon join the strange perfume perfume created from waste products Grimsvotn volcano.The development of "volcanic" spirits will Icelandic designer Sigrun Lilja Gudonsdottir, which already has experience of creating such a perfume.In 2010, she released the women's perfume EFJ, named in honor of a volcano - Eyjafjallajokull pop star.

main feature name Eyjafjallajokull spirits became their composition - based fragrance laid melt water from the foot of the pretty annoy air travelers geological formation.Bonus to the liquid in the vial is a small piece of hardened lava eyyafyatlayokudlinskoy attached to the bubble.E

FJ, by the way, is still available for sale at a price of $ 105.

the new fragrance by Sigrun Lily Gudonsdottir be called VJK (abbreviation of the name of the glacier Vatnajökull), and it is intended for men.Spirits are created from meltwater Vatnajökull, which in turn came after the recent eruption of the volcano Grimsvotn.In general, to be sure, who eruption and flight delays, and to whom and to come up with a reason a new perfume.

But, by the way, volcanoes - is not the only natural source of inspiration for perfumers.For example, a young French expert on drafting flavors Pierre Guillaume created a perfume called Harmatan Noir №11, devoted Harmatanu - dry and dusty African trade winds blowing from November to March.Guillaume, however, did not put in a perfume or sand or dust, restricting the addition of perfume scents of roasted spices, mint tea and salt.

Experts say that Guillaume is generally a big fan of gourmet flavor components and enjoy its flavor perfume notes of vanilla, nuts, chocolate and the same spices.With such a love for the presence of goodies in perfume perfumer may be advisable to establish cooperation with the company Fargginay, which is the spring of 2011 released a perfume with the scent of bacon.

idea to release these spirits, however, are not so new - bekonovogo perfume recipe invented Parisian butcher, who lived at the beginning of the XX century.However, the original list of ingredients has been lost, and a follower of the butcher's idea that people like a combination of smells of meat and herbs, owner Fargginay John Leydon decided to try to restore the recipe.

As a result, the light appeared bekonovye fragrance combining oil of bergamot, lime, orange, grapefruit and other fruits.At the same time, according to the creator of perfume (perfumes are, by the way, it is not as expensive as "volcanic" EJK - only 36 dollars), the aroma of bacon safely tucked away in the composition of perfumes and opens directly on the skin.

meat lovers may also like another unusual, delicious flavor, which appeared on the market a few years ago.It is a perfumed water Flame, released not there some fashion house and a network of fast food Burger King.

fragrance creators claim that the release of this truly strange product of spodvig the existence of one of the branded burgers cafe.And to give people the opportunity to enjoy a constantly tempting smell of food, fun and resourceful staff diner came up with a spray with the scent of roasted meat over an open fire.

Yet meat culinary imagination of perfumers are not limited to - in cosmetics stores around the world can also be found perfume with the scent of boiled lobster, sushi, cheese and other culinary inventions.But as they say the leading "store on the couch", and that's not all: in addition, though delicious, but obviously strange to apply to the spirits of flavors, there are also such odors, which can be called a real boon for the perfumer.

Well, let's say, some people like the smell of a campfire or old books, but now in order to smell the smoldering wood and century-old publication, it is not necessary to deal with any fire, or to go to the library.

For lovers of the fire has already released perfumed body spray and the environment, and fans of old books may be advisable to get a perfume, toilet water or air freshener, able to recreate the same library smell.

perfume creators claim that unmistakable smell of a book they managed to get by mixing flavors "English novels, Russian leather-bound books, varnish for wood surfaces and used clothing."

Opponents smell of second-hand clothes and old books alternative aroma coming soon - a German perfumer Geza Schoen is preparing to release a new perfume with an unusual odor.The technology, which is called Paper Passion, will smell of freshly printed books and magazines.

There was even talk that the creation of the fragrance a hand famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, but its representatives have denied this information.And it's true, why was a book designer perfume, and so when he can at any moment to feel the smell of freshly printed pages - Lagerfeld, among other things is the owner of the publishing house.