Money smell of hell ( it's fun )

Once the Roman emperor Vespasian, laughing at chistoplyuystvom his successor Titus shoved under his nose small coin and asked, "What smell?"."Nothing!" - Said the astonished boy."Here's what it is.Money does not smell.Meanwhile, a tax on public toilets "- and smug emperor gazed into the distance, as if sensing that his sentence would be the popular expression, and will outlive the century and tsivilizatsii.I still the ancient ruler was wrong.Because money smell.But not on our, the physical level of smell.And tonkomirnom, astral.And the smell acts on the subconscious of people in the same way as an influence on him, for example, pheromones.That's why we can be so indifferent to money.And if before the "people dying for the metal", that is gold, because gold - the finest conductor of astral energies, but now they are exposed to "colored pieces of paper," because here in this guide serves ... paint!

For the production of banknotes art - it is even more subtle than the coinage.Here it is necessary not just

to color paper, made like a schoolboy at a drawing lesson, and put all in a special way.In addition, the mandatory components of money - "hairs", "fiber" and so on - to vibrate.And these vibrations come into contact with our own, human vibrations, which gives the most intimate connection between man and money.It is this relationship often turns into unhealthy, satanic passion.A free man, independent of money - is the one who knows how to live according to the formula: "Wield everything, but do not count anything their".Whoever does not give up the cash (if, of course, not an ascetic, not a hermit, not a saint), but not attached to it, does not identify itself with the money.He just uses them as a dining spoon, gloves, and other household items.

fall in the energy dependence

draw attention to the fact that the vast majority of cases in the color of money from different countries prevail either green (green) colored or lilac-purple (or reddish).Why?Secret science answer to this question is quite specific.The green color in the occult - the color of the intellect, and therefore, it is a product of our brain activity.Lilac-purple shades originate from the idea that the purple, or rather purple - the color of the highest, as a rule, the royal power.Still pure purple is rarely used for money making a master.He is too rich.A saturation of purple - this is not so much a privilege of power of the earth, as the aerial.

known that the color red is considered to be activity.It is because for some public meetings, presentations and other similar events is recommended to put on, say, a red tie or - for women - red blouse.But it is outside, "Marketplace" activity.It would seem that money and market - over things together.Yes, the money "go through the bazaar," but their sacred meaning is quite different, it is hidden from the people, which are called hucksters.

money - it's not just the equivalent of labor, but also the source of energy of our gratitude to someone for something.And if we did not give money debt, we are in danger to get to the man in the energy dependence.And it is karma that can hit us unknown which side and at what hour.Another thing, if the creditor himself forgave his debt to the debtor.And still some energy "tail" can be left for the debtor.This is not dependent on the debtor, a creditor, and the mechanism of karmic retribution.

aroma of herbs, lavender

And especially not recommended to appropriate other people's money.Because in terms of esoteric commandment "Do not steal" means: "Do not fall into a heavy karmic dependence on who you stole the money!".Such a relationship can last through many subsequent life.

In today it is particularly necessary to remember the financial crisis.Remember everyone: those who took a mortgage, knowing that is unlikely to pay for his cottage under construction.And those who withhold wages, if not try to not give the deserved reward employees.Himself all sorts of swindlers and plutocrats basking hands on the crisis, risk create a not too pleasant continuation of life, or rather lives.they become debtors themselves, rather than those whom these swindlers cheated and robbed.Debtors karmic!

But to return to the color and the smell of money.Can you imagine all the same that the smell comes from them?Can!The colors and smells in esotericism are in harmony.Smells there - it's like an expensive fragrance toilet water, only a million times thinner, more precious than the creation of the great perfumers.

Relatively speaking, the smell of green money - is something like a flavor of toilet water, having a "green shirt".It may be the smell of freshness and herbs, but very intrusive and fresh herbs.And the smell of banknotes having purple hues, rather be called obsessive-lavender scent.The word "obsession" here is not negative, but a positive sign.Because otherwise, the money would not be able to influence the way our subconscious.And they must do it, because the money, as we have said, it is energy - energy of our human relationships difficult.Persistence money smells - it is their protection from our evil energy layers.

good or evil?

Still on money settles a lot of negative energy, because sometimes they pass through the hands of evildoers, whose black power is very strong.That's why after every touch of money is recommended to wash your hands with cold water.

If this is not possible (you are in the market or in the supermarket), then just move away to the side and do as if you shake hands on something.Just shake the air with his hands and fingers, that's all.No matter what the money was now in the hands of you: big or small.Important point.

raises an interesting question.If the money so cleverly arranged, what their manufacturers - mages?Direct manufacturers - no.But those who once gave mankind the money was certainly dedicated.The same magicians, what always and in all nations considered blacksmiths.

And certainly, any editing of notes, any change in their appearance is not done just so - whether for rubles, dollars or euros.For example, the fact that the Americans have decided to replace some "greenbacks" to "rosy", is an attempt to activate the occult decrepit dollar.Because it is the "rosy" closer to purple color, which means that the color of power, including the otherworldly, not of this world.

devaluation of money - it is always bad.Because there is a weakening of their energy functions, which in turn causes a painful reaction in humans.So after all, what is money?Good or evil?The answer seems to be natural, how much evil he was born in the world of money!

Money will continue to exist as long as humanity is tied to the physical plane of being Still, money - not from evil, not from Satan's servants.Without money, we would still have changed some fishing hooks on a squirrel skins.And unhappy and resentful it would be no less.

Money will continue to exist as long as humanity is tied to the physical plane of existence.As soon as it goes into a different energy state, where everything can be thought of to do, the money will disappear.On the imminent appearance of a new human race is increasing talk not only esoteric, but also scientists.They call this a quantum leap coming transition.

After all, money is not needed on thin planes of existence, where we go after the reset of our physical shells.And where exactly you can feel the smell of money.It is useless there, but necessary for the proper functioning of our life here.