rapidly growing fashion hairy chest in the world ( this is interesting )

Women are not to please: they do not like the brutal macho, you are not satisfied with mincing metrosexuals, constantly thinking about their ideal manicure.Perhaps due to the excess of effeminate men who pay to their appearance no less, and sometimes more time than women, the weaker sex imbued with special feelings to a relatively recent retroseksualam who prefer traditional masculinity with a hairy chest and a rough chin.

According to many girls, moderately hairy male chest exciting, is associated with masculinity and even peace.Probably in prehistoric times, these are the men were miners and the best defenders.

Hairy chest most beloved 007 Sean Connery in the 60s won the women all over the world.However, in the 90s it replaced by guys with posters Calvin Klein men's underwear with pristine torso, so it would be no inflated cube press did not escape the attention of the ladies.Fueled this trend is the most famous and successful at the time, and metrosexual footballer David Beckham.

So fashion for metrosexuals who are concerned with their appearance, passionately eager to demonstrate a well-developed muscles, or, conversely, to emphasize its slenderness.However

fashion as it is peculiar, returns, and now again sought after and enjoyed the attention of men, who apparently do not differ much from the gorilla: the rougher face, the more hair, the better.

The same trend is confirmed by plastic surgeons and specialists in hair transplants, which have reported that appeals to them more and more patients asking coarsen their appearance.Men come with a desire to grow more hair on his chest, making thicker beard, chin - a square, and the jaw - more sharply delineated.Experts also note that in recent years the problem of baldness even disturb their customers much less.If you have a choice - to transplant hair from the nape to the forehead or chest, most patients prefer the latter.

As plastic surgeons, the most "bread" is now specializes rhinoplasty.Most often, men are asked to make it a bigger nose.And even those who have suffered in the past, surgery to remove a hump or a decrease in the nose, are often asked doctors to bring back - as it was.

This explains the unusually high popularity Javier Bardem, Gerard Butler, Jason Stethema and other cool macho.Young people with a way à la "vampire" Robert Pattinson with almost transparent skin without hair, showing her thin, delicate and sensual nature in favor only teenage girls, who do not know what a real man should be hairy, powerful and... a little messy.Or, as the English say, a man should smell good tobacco, great whiskey and a little feminine perfume, because of the close dialogue with the fair sex.

Source: shine.yahoo.com