Foreign Policy magazine named the Top Ten Soviet sinister secrets

Although since the collapse of the Soviet Union 20 years have passed, and after the fall of the empire were opened archives and published many secret documents, some mysteries remain unsolved.American Foreign Policy magazine offers a list of sinister secrets of the closed side "of the Soviet Moon".

Secrets placed in random order, without distributing them to places of significance.Among them - the fate of the Communist Party of gold, well-protected secret bunker in the Urals, the effectiveness of the work of foreign intelligence in the era of the Cold War, the USSR program on the development of biological weapons, writes InoPressa.

1. The fate of billions of dollars of gold and the CPSU, which allegedly remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union, remains unknown.According to foreign media reports, these funds were placed in foreign banks, but the evidence for this claim has not yet been found.Clarify the fate of the party of wealth at different times involved in such public and political figures,

as Yuri Baturin, Arkady Vaksberg, Michael Geller, Boris Kagarlitsky, Vladimir Kryuchkov, Leonid Mlechin, Alexander Nevzorov, Yuri Shchekochikhin.

On behalf of Yegor Gaidar gold party sought a private detective agency Kroll Associates, but to no avail.

Some researchers, including the West, consider the version of the existence of gold Party myth.For others, the gold is really there, but it stolen in the early 90s.

2. Another mystery whose answer is no: was developed in the USSR portable nuclear weapons.General Alexander Lebed in 1997, claimed that the intelligence services were about hundreds of such bombs "in a case" one kiloton capacity each, with half of them allegedly disappeared.

public and political figures, Professor Alexey Yablokov, confirmed the existence of such devices.According to the biologist, portable nuclear warheads were created in the 70s KGB order to carry out terrorist attacks.According to Yablokov, similar to a mini-nuclear charges were made in the United States.

The Defense Ministry at the same time categorically denied these allegations, saying that such devices do not exist, and because of the high cost of their creation is beyond the power of even a rich country like the US.As suggested in the department, probably confused Swan bomb "in a suitcase" with nuclear anti-personnel mines. "

3. The publication writes, that is still unclear why the occupied in 1986, the post of General Secretary of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev announced the Chernobyl accident only. after more than two weeks after the explosion of the reactor The Foreign Policy seems strange that a man of action was as if paralyzed in those days

Recall, this year marks the sad date -.. 25th anniversary of the disaster in connection with the date were announced, many secretinformation that is hidden by the authorities. Employees who worked at the station in the early days after the accident, said that they did not have suitable for such a strong background radiation dosimeters, and told about the strike of the liquidators because of the relocation is being built town of power engineers Slavutych. at theHowever, neither of which the declassification of documents on the Chernobyl disaster at the state level of the question.

4. Another interesting topic to study dark places, according to the magazine, is to work in the Soviet Union on the creation of biological weapons.What happened to the operating time after the collapse of the empire, it is not clear.

According to some reports, the Soviet Union in 1942, applied biological weapons against the Nazis at Stalingrad.The military have been infected by rodent tularemia.Officially, this version has not been confirmed.

The fact that the development in this area is actively conducted, showed, according to the researchers, a strange outbreak of anthrax in Sverdlovsk in April 1979, writes "Wikipedia".As experts have suggested, the leak of a dangerous virus originated from the laboratory Sverdlovsk-19.At the same time, according to the official version, the cause of the disease was the meat of infected cows.It does not exclude the diversion of US intelligence.

5. Information about the Missile Crisis of 1962 are also contradictory.As noted by The Foreign Policy, hitherto unknown protocols negotiations Raul Castro, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, even though they might shed light on why Cuba has placed nuclear weapons and what lessons the world's leaders have learned from the crisis.

When in 2007 the 40th anniversary of the crisis, the immediate event, participants spoke of the difficulties encountered when sending a missile regiments to Cuba.

6. Also intriguing magazine seems KGB secret operation "Flute" in which were tested biological weapons.

who emigrated in the early '90s in the US scientist mikrobilog Ken Alibek (Kanatzhan Alibayov), who served as deputy director of the biological weapons program in the Soviet Union, claimed that the main purpose of the operation was the development of psychotropic and neurotropic biological substances for special operations, including assassinations.Alibek in military circles of the USSR was considered a traitor to reveal preparation Soviet biological warfare.

7. Designating another secret, the magazine writes that in 1981, Moscow ordered the KGB and GRU urgently to gather information about possible US nuclear first strike.While it is not known how to react to the reports of the Soviet leaders, especially Yuri Andropov.

decisive contribution to the prevention of nuclear attack during the critical period of the Cold War in 1983, during the NATO exercise Able Archer attributed to former KGB colonel Oleg Gordievsky.Having learned from him about the panic in the leadership of the USSR, which had decided that under the guise of training exercises West is preparing for a nuclear war against the Soviet Union, Britain and the United States have changed the program of exercises.

Edition raises the question of whether the Kremlin had so "paranoid fear" of nuclear war.

8. There is still no answer to the question, which meant an underground bunker in the Urals, known under the code name "The Grotto", whose construction began in the early 1980s.According to unconfirmed reports, there had to accommodate the headquarters of rocket strategic forces, capable of surviving a nuclear war.Construction was soon detected by US intelligence.

9. According to the magazine, the United States for many years unsuccessfully tried to calculate how big it was defense and security burden for the Soviet economy.According to the ex-employee of the Central Committee of the CPSU Vitaly Kataev, the defense sector accounted for about 20% of the Soviet economy.According to CIA estimates, the figure was 15-17%.Full data on this issue is still there.

10. Finally, the last mystery, which drew the attention of Foreign Policy, was the effectiveness of the Soviet foreign intelligence.According to the same Oleg Gordievsky KGB messages are often based on materials from the newspapers, as the Soviet Union did not have reliable sources.It is for this reason that the nuclear threat from the West greatly overestimated.Was not the main problem is that intelligence reported to the Soviet leadership that it wished to hear wonders magazine.