In Europe, starts the season of sales .Discounts up to 90 % ( it is useful to know )

In July and August, the majority of vacationers tends to go to sea, but it is worth considering the fact that at least a couple of days to spend in one of the European capitals, because in the height of summer in many countries begin seasonal sales.Discounts up to 90 percent!


If you are going for shopping in the UK, you must hurry!Many retailers have already reduced prices by 50-70%.It will last until mid-July.However, be prepared that you have to work your elbows: this time in the capital city attracts not only English, but also tourists from many other countries.Airlines offer even more cheap flights "on sale".Russians need to remember that you can not only save on Salem, but also to return VAT to receive tax-free at the border will be able to, if you buy goods for more than 30 pounds.One of the most favorite places of the British and the guests left the capital department store Harrods.During this period, it precipitates more than 200 thousand people, prices usually reach 50-60%.In the second

department store Liberty popularity this summer promise discounts of up to 60% on everything!It is necessary to immediately think about shopping and those who purchase products from the UK via the Internet: virtual offices popular shops these days, too, can find a very favorable price.


From June 22, the general madness begins in France.Some discount stores reaches 80-90%.Favorite Russians Lafayette promises that many goods are sold cheaper by about 50%.And do not forget to check tax-free.However, unfortunately, in France, you will give it only to the extent that in one store you buy goods for more than 175 euros.Soldes will last until the end of July, but if you decide to go to Paris in the second half of the month, then most likely, you will have to wait looted shops with a pile of soiled and trampled clothes on the floor: the best will be sold out at the beginning of the month, because local shopaholics beginwalk on the favorite "spots" long before the sales, choosing products and negotiate with vendors to postpone your favorite little things to the cherished date.


In this country, the sales periods are regulated by law, so both buyers and sellers are looking forward to the cherished date - July 1st.Prior to that, the number of walks on the most popular shopping street in Brussels Rue Neuve useless violators declared discounts ahead of time, they will face serious penalties.The whole country until the end of the month will be covered shopping euphoria.Like France, Belgium, too, does not please fans of tax-free-shopping: in one place to buy the goods at least 125 euros.


will last for two months sales in Spain.Most of the storefronts on June 1, will decorate enlistment posters "Rebajas!".But the rush is not worth it, because the Spaniards prefer to start with a small discount, reaching 60-80% in August.Moreover, popular shops will be open on Sundays, and sometimes a little work in the evenings until the last customer.Please note that some stores from 20th of June offer pre-booking product.So if you want to buy something in Spanish, go to this process with the mind: first, in advance of the home visit websites of interesting shops.A tax will be able to return when making a purchase over 90 euros.


On July 2 promise to begin the sale of stores in Italy.To buyers it was convenient, the law requires dealers to clearly indicate on the product the old and new prices and percentage discounts.End sales each region defines for himself.So, in Abruzzo, Veneto and Calabria sale will be completed by 31 August, and in Sicily and Puglia low prices will please buyers until September 15, will be champions for the duration of Friuli and Campania, who plan to keep low prices until 30 September.Therefore, women of fashion should go to Naples until the end of September, and in Rome during the sales lasted only six weeks.And try in the same store to buy things more than 155 euros, while the VAT will be back at the airport.


Of all the shopping destinations in Europe within just to the sale this year, will join Germany.On the streets of this country holiday shoppers come only 25 of July.Therefore, those who did not buy anything in France or the UK can reflect on tickets to Berlin or Munich, because prices in some stores in the Munich Maximilianstrasse and Kaufingerstra├če reach 90%!And do not forget that in this country a very low threshold for tax-free: the store will issue you the documents for a tax refund when you spend only 25 euros.