Skin cleansing .How to avoid acne ?( Facial )

skin Pollution and its defektyKrome daily procedures, it is necessary once a week as the skin should be clean.During a steam bath under the influence of hot packs and masks pores are opened and all the pollution that are even very deep, come up, which prevents acne.It is easy to take care of a healthy body, as well uncomplicated for healthy skin care.But if the face will be black spots, it is more difficult to deal with them.Try to avoid it!

How to avoid acne?Acne can appear singly and in groups.If they are squeezed, then with the black dot of skin goes a little greasy plug - excess fat, which should be regularly released by the sebaceous glands.When the pores are clogged with dust, powder, lipstick or cream, the discharge remains there under the skin and acne (more often on oily skin than dry).

The skin has many sebaceous glands, which during normal operation gives it elasticity and protect against temperature fluctuations.With very intensive work glands skin becomes oily.Work glands associated with

the general state of the organism.Therefore, in this case it is necessary to consult a doctor.

If you have oily skin and you suffer from acne, it is useful to do the following.Be sure to watch your stomach, its correct operation is one of the main conditions of the skin be kept clean.It is necessary to refuse badly digested food, all kinds of hot spices.It is recommended to have a lot of raw fruits, fresh vegetables - mostly raw or stewed in a little water, useful green salad.Well as daily on an empty stomach before breakfast, drink a glass of milk, and in the evening before going to bed - freshly prepared decoction of chamomile.

Regular cleaning of the skin, especially before bedtime - it is something that is important to pay attention.In addition, once a week should do the steam bath or alternating hot and cold compresses, and then, depending on the nature of the skin apply a cleansing mask.This cleaning is important, as a face wash daily.

Yeast treatment.A good proven way to combat skin are contaminated with yeast - an old home remedy.

Twice a week to do a yeast mask.Take 20 g of yeast, mash them and mix with a little milk to mask obtained had density of sour cream.This mask apply to the face.When it dries, it is necessary to wipe it off, making a circular motion with your fingertips.Then wash your face at first hot, then cold water.This mask has a cleansing and smoothing effect.Through regular use of this mask, the skin is clean and matte.
course of treatment should not be less than four weeks, but it will give better results if you keep it up to six weeks.

large number of acne spoils face.Solidified grease tube irritate the subcutaneous cells, there are small red spots that result from purulent infection turn into scabs.All this can be avoided by protecting yourself from acne.If the pimples appear in large numbers, it is an alarm - the disease makes itself felt, and should seek medical attention.