A comprehensive eye care (women's beauty secrets )

eyes reflect the inner world of man.Beautiful eyes - the best decoration of the face.But the beautiful can only be healthy eyes.Since then, as a woman, a tribute to fashion, began to vigorously apply makeup on the eyes, it is quite fast and the impact on their health.Became frequent allergic irritation, especially of the upper eyelid skin.Therefore, any makeup for the eyes need to be very careful.Since the skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, it requires special care.Try to check in the mirror, how elastic your skin around the eyes.Use two fingers to grab the delicate skin under the eyes, gently pull, then release.There are three options: A - skin instantly smoothed B - the skin is smoothed slowly

V - for a while still fold, then the skin is smoothed slowly.If you belong to group A - excellent!With simple care can be a long time to maintain good properties of the skin.Those who identify with the group B, can improve skin elasticity and regularly caring for her in the morning and evenin

g.But the one who was in group B, needs urgent intensive care.

What should be done to the skin around the eyes has always been soft and supple?
Peeling the skin and eyelashes from cosmetics should follow the rule: cosmetics should be removed easily.If not, then you have chosen a low-quality product.Oil impregnated swabs, oil and fat-containing gels are ideal for those who use waterproof mascara.The remains of an oily cleaning agent are removed with a cotton swab wet, otherwise the oil gets into the eyes.So if you wear contact lenses from these cleaning agents you have to give.If hypersensitivity is good to use an emulsion eye.Their remains are removed quickly using a wet swab or cosmetic wipes.

fatigue, inflammation and irritation of the eyes relieve eye bath of decoction of chamomile, parsley, mint, dill

lotions of strong tea, milk packs (for 4-5 minutes on the eyelids impose cotton swabs soaked in fresh milk).Cotton swabs dipped in warm liquid and then applied to the eyelids closed eyes.Vata should cover all the space from the eyebrows to the bottom edge of the eye sockets.Keep the swabs should be within 1-2 minutes.

formation of unpleasant-looking elongated bags under the eyes is eliminated relatively easily, if not associated with any internal diseases.First of all, it is a complete eye rest, good sleep, moderate eating and drinking.Secondly, everything that excites the blood circulation - for example, packs of cotton wool soaked in ice water.Also for the removal of edema it helps a mask from raw grated potatoes to be applied in the morning and evening.

Two tablespoons of grated potatoes immediately put on gauze and attach to the bottom of the eye with a gauze top.Hold for 10-15 minutes.Then apply a cream with vitamin A and E, and 15 minutes to remove the remnants of the cream with cotton wool moistened with cold tea.The same procedure can be done with cheese.

From formation of wrinkles around the eyes will help following screen.
Mix 1 tablespoon of melted honey with 1 tablespoon of wheat or oat flour.To this mixture add the beaten egg white and immediately apply to the skin around the eyes.Keep the mask for as long as it is dry.

will remove fatigue such procedures.
Prepare 2 bowls of salted water (1 glass of water 0.5 teaspoon of salt) of hot and cold.Wetting the hands alternately applied to the eyes of the convex part of the palm of your hand, gently holding.

Finally, we offer a very simple and at the same time very useful gymnastics for eyes.

• blinked with closed eyelids.
• Widely open and close your eyes.
• Without opening his eyes, they could move in the up-and-down and right-left.
• Carefully scrutinize any point in the distance (preferably green), and then quickly transfer the view of the subject near.

Let's talk about centuries.Skin age is very thin, soft, sensitive, lacks a layer of subcutaneous fat.Choosing the right tool for the skin around the eyes, remember that the cream should not be applied on the eyelids.Lotions and emulsions, on the contrary, have a light texture and rapidly absorbed.Gels good use in the case where the eye is very sensitive, often swell, as well as contact lenses.They can be applied without fear of both the skin directly underneath the eyes and on the eyelids.Gels are well moisturize the skin, while refreshing it and removing the swelling.

reddened eyelids will help the oil from the flowers of cornflower tincture (1 tablespoon to 0.5 cups of vegetable oil).Moisten a cotton swab, apply on the eyelids, hold for 15-20 minutes, then rinse.To remove the morning swelling of the eyelids, can make the following massage: strong middle fingers squeeze the nose for a count of ten.Then take a break, and count to ten, and repeat the massage 8-10 times.

Fatigue can help relieve the most common parsley.Bags of gauze, fill the finely chopped parsley and put it in hot water.The liquids to drain, cool, and then attach the bags over closed eyes.Hold for 3-4 minutes and rinse swab dipped in cold water.For this purpose, you can use and parsley roots.To do this, skip the roots through a meat grinder or grate and apply slurry to the eyes for 15-20 minutes.After a rinse with warm water.

Do not forget that and eyelashes also require regular maintenance.Means for care of eyelashes is produced in the form of salves and with the brush as eye shadow, or in the cartridge as mascara.The components contained in the balm, make fine hair lashes shiny and not so brittle.It promotes good growth of eyelashes castor oil.After removing mascara, eyelash brush grease castor oil.The density of the eyelashes can visually enlarge makeup.

surest way to radically change the appearance without resorting to plastic surgery - to correct the shape of eyebrows.Eyebrows change the expression of your face, keep its "structure."Today, when passed 'no eyebrows' days have passed times barely noticeable "threads" and untouched virgin tweezers "bush", a form of eyebrow found its "golden mean."They should look natural and well-groomed at the same time.To correct the shape of eyebrows and can be at home.

• First, remove all the hairs on the nose, where they should not be at all.
• Thin out eyebrow start from the bottom, then the eye will appear larger.
• moisten a cotton swab in alcohol and rub the skin.
• Comb brow brush.
• Draw your pencil outlines.
• Remove the hairs outside the outline.
• Wipe with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, the treated skin area.
• Lubricate the skin with fat cream.

not tweeze eyebrows too thin - at least, for a long time.Otherwise, they will cease to grow in this place, and you suddenly want to have thick eyebrows again.

Caution!The hair that grows from a mole, you can not pull out, they need to regularly shave scissors nail.Such moles once a year or every two years is necessary to show cutaneous doctor that they are not reborn in malignant education.

adjust the shape of eyebrows will also help cosmetics - special pencils and shadows.As for the color of eyebrows, there is expert opinion diverge.But in any case it is worth considering: if you are a blonde, auburn eyebrows unlikely color will seem natural.