Proper care for lips

Like the skin of the face, lips often reflect the overall health status.Beautiful, smooth rim lip indicates health.

a bluish tint is often a sign of diseases of the cardiovascular system, lungs, etc.Dry and cracked usually indicate an inflammation of the red border, a lack of vitamins, in particular vitamin B2.Often, the inflammation is caused by even a simple non-chemical lipstick, which in the future may go to an allergic reaction to a particular lipstick.

With the development of inflammation should immediately remove the remnants of lipstick and 2 - 3 times a day to lubricate the red border of the lips, which is prone to dryness, cracking, peeling, or flutsinar ftorokort, alternating these ointments with olive oil.

At night, it is recommended to clean lips with olive oil and apply lotions from chamomile, putting it to his lips moistened cotton wool in it.

Bad habits licking his lips, biting them, damaging the red border, also cause dryness, peeling skin on the lips.The lips are constantly exposed

to wind, sun, heat, cold and other environmental factors, so should always apply the measures of preventive care for lips.

often in women, not caring for the red border of the lips, you may find that it is very wrinkled and dry.In order to soften the wrinkles that have arisen on the border of lips, lipstick before going to bed should be removed with vegetable oil or a nourishing cream.When applying the cream must be massaged in a circular motion red border of the lips.

can take the next cream to soften the skin on the lips:

* 1 teaspoon of boric vaseline, 3/4 teaspoon of castor oil.All mix thoroughly and apply this ointment on the red border of lips in a circular motion.This cream is good protection and shine lips.This ointment can be applied very thin layer before applying the lipstick, with a strong dry lips.

* 10 grams of cocoa butter, beeswax 5 grams, 10 grams of olive oil.This ointment smeared with red border of the lips, gently patting her fingertips of both hands - first alternate, and then at the same time, as if driving a cream, until the red border of lips will not get shine, elasticity.

Lubricating nourishing creams, ointments, lotions making, light massage, patting the red portion of the lips, you pause withering lips, get rid of the dryness and flaking of the skin on the lips, they will become brighter and more elastic.