Brilliant and luminous eyes - the best facial decoration

brilliant and radiant eyes - the best decoration of the face.It is no coincidence folk wisdom says that the eyes - a mirror of the soul.They express our feelings, our emotions, our spiritual world.In addition, the eyes are the main direct communication with the outside world and carry out constant stimulation of the central nervous system.Through them, we are able to perceive light ink and environmental influences thousand.That's why you need to carefully protect this valuable gift of nature.

eyes exposed to a variety of influences: wind, dust, smoke, sharp neon light, low light, the light of television and computer screen, occupational hazards, etc.After such exposure they get tired, they shine disappears forever and redden and swell, formed wrinkles and bags under the eyes, dark skin, there are circles, vision weakens.Therefore, even at the first appearance of fatigue is necessary to provide rest to eyes and by constant care to try to keep their luster and radiance.

under the eyes can be formed in t

he form of unpleasant oblong bags.They eliminated relatively easily, if not associated with any internal diseases.

Accelerates removal of puffiness under the eyes mask made from raw grated potatoes to be applied morning and evening:

* 1 small, flawless potato thoroughly wash the brush under running hot water, dry cloth, rubbed on a fine plastic grater.2 tablespoons grated potatoes put on a pre-cooked pieces of gauze and apply the mask to the bottom of the eye, that is. E. On the bags, so that the gauze was on top of potatoes.Hold 10 - 15 minutes.After removing the mask under the eyes cause wrinkle cream with vitamins A and E. After 15 - 20 minutes, the excess cream wet cotton swab moistened with infusion of cold tea.

Increased eye sensitivity sometimes causes mild irritation, fatigue (after prolonged reading, computer skills, etc.).In such cases, the following procedure applies:

* Ready 1 bowl of salted cold water, 1 bowl of salted hot water.Alternately wetting the hands in the cold and hot water, applying them to the closed eyes of the convex part of the palm, slightly delaying, but without any pressure on the eye.

If you are sensitive to sunlight and wind eyes should be protected by sunglasses.Read in low light or lying is bad, because it is tiring as well as a large load.Alleviate eye condition under such loads can be the following procedures:

* Take 1 tablespoon of the cake and juice of fresh parsley.Fold in 2 layers of two pieces of gauze, put between layers of gauze cake with parsley juice and put on the eyes of the mask.The mask is very effective in the presence of bags under the eyes and swollen eyelids.After 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.

* 1 teaspoon chopped parsley, 1 teaspoon of sour cream.Mix sour cream with parsley, put it between several layers of gauze, then apply the mask on the eyelids and puffy bags under the eyes.The mask used for dry skin around the eyes.After 15 - 20 minutes wash the mask with warm water and apply under the eyes and on the eyelids wrinkle cream.

For very dry and wrinkled skin on the eyelids and under the eyes, you can use the following gadgets:

* Prepare gauze of 6 layers of gauze pieces shall be circular and of a size to cover the eyes of the century to the zygomatic bone.Then soak the pieces of gauze in warm olive oil, gently squeeze them and put on the eyes.Cover with a dry cotton wool and cover with a towel.After 10-15 minutes, rinse eyes with warm water and apply the cream from wrinkles.