The skin of the face and the computer

Hours and days spent at the computer, reflected not only in the posture and visual acuity.Premature wrinkles and sagging skin - a sure sign "cyber attack" on our looks.There are several ways to protect yourself from it.

help the skin cope with overstretch 5-minute breaks after each hours on the computer.At this time you need to come to the open window and make at least 7 deep breaths, as much time to inflate and relax cheek, drink a few sips of water to which is added lemon or grapefruit juice.

Every two hours, use the same magic bullet - irrigation face.If your skin is not covered with powder, enough to sprinkle on the face or wipe with a cloth dampened with mineral drinking water.When make-up Use a thermal spray of high moisture, which not only restores natural skin moisture, but also able to "fix" make-up, fix its color.

Make sure that the room where you work, the air was not dry.Particularly relevant advice in the cold months, when on heating.Use special devices for humidifying the air in the roo


Those who work at the display stands at any time of year to use moisturizers creams and make-up applied sunscreen.Also:

• try to eliminate skin contact face with tap water.Wash boiled, which added the lemon juice, mineral or herbal extracts: linden, chamomile, mint and sage.Excellent tool against skin dehydration - washing rye bread.Crust and fill with hot water after cooling to filter

• desirable abandon the soap.Use alcohol-free moisturizing lotions

• Wipe face with a slice of fresh apple.Good moisturize the skin morning wiping faces frozen fruit juice

• to "strengthen" the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes at night perform this exercise: try to open eyes without opening lashes

• 2 times a week to do a relaxing salt or coniferous compresses.Soft towel soaked in warm solution, hold on the face for 5-7 minutes.

Enter in your daily diet tomatoes and cabbage.These vegetables are best protect the skin from the harmful effects of the computer.And do not forget about the tea.Two cups of freshly brewed green tea can neutralize the radiation exposure for the whole working day.