We take care of the eyes

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive on the face.The thickness of the skin around the eye only half a millimeter, for example, at the border areas of the skin thickness increases once in four times.Moreover, almost no eye sebaceous glands and very little muscle, supporting its elasticity.Therefore, it is here that most quickly lost extensibility and elasticity of the skin, eyes, and so it can immediately give our age.

In addition, the skin around the eye behaves more flexibly: we blink, schurimsya smiling - all eyes are most involved in facial expression.As a result, the skin around the eye is subjected to particular load, and hence requires special care and attention.

Anyone care begins with cleansing, the eyes are no exception to the rule.To preserve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin around the eyes, it is necessary to carry out the cleansing softly and gently.

To remove makeup is best to use especially mild cleanser.Special makeup remover are very soft and at the same time active

ly - you do not have to rub your eyes or stretch the skin around them.This usually happens when we wash with water, trying to remove mascara with eyelash.

If you have very sensitive skin in this area of ​​the face and the eyes react negatively to makeup, choose a cleanser with a pH of 7.4 (neutral it is close to the pH of tears).Such means will never irritate your eyes.

can buy cosmetics, which includes derivatives of the protein, it will simultaneously cleanse the skin around the eyes and strengthen lashes.

not superfluous to repeat that at night you can not leave the makeup and mascara.Painted eyelashes can break off from the friction pad.Many problems arise from the so-called indelible ink, but it is easily removed products containing oil.Cream mascara easier to remove, it is removed by any skim cleansing gel or lotion.

Do not use cotton wool, or fluff get in the eyes, use paper towels or tampons compacted.The preferred applicator will first apply to the eyelashes means for removing make-up, then remove the remnants of the carcass.

big mistake to some women when using the same cream for the skin around the eyes.Fats and oils in a cream for the face can cause irritation or eye redness.Cosmetics, which is made only for the skin around the eyes, contains substances that do not spread and do not cause a negative reaction.When removing make up the most important thing - soft and gentle movements, never need to firmly rub your eyes.

Nowadays, beauticians recommend to start caring for the skin around the eyes using a special cream to 25 years.Early skin care slows down the formation of wrinkles.When buying a cosmetic product should pay attention to the presence in the vlagonapolnyayuschih substances (elastin, collagen and liposome).At this age, the cream is recommended to use once a day - in the evening after washing.

Usually in the morning is enough to wash with warm water, but if after sleep you have swollen eyes, use special gels with plant extracts.The cooled gel helps the skin to return to normal.Just dab the gel upper and lower eyelids, let it soak a few minutes and apply makeup.

Gels are good because they do not leave the skin oily film.You can also use a bag of black tea: brew tea bags with hot water, cool in the refrigerator and place it on a few minutes on the eyelids.

Cosmetic market is not static, it is constantly developing dynamically, thinking to maintain our beauty more and more money.One such tool steel special masks.They are made of plastic and filled with a gel, they are cooled in the refrigerator.Chilled mask, if it is put on the eye area, perfectly removes puffiness and swelling, in addition, is very long.Use it as needed, but remember, if you are constantly swollen eyes, you'd better see a doctor.Frequent swelling associated with kidney disease.

If due to some reasons you do not get enough sleep, your eyes are tired, irritated or reddened, use eye drops that reduce eye strain, such as "Visine".

Just as we nourish the skin with vitamins, is to energize their eyes.To eyes looked radiant, and their brilliance fascinated others, take vitamin B2 or riboflavin.The daily rate and the need for this vitamin is approximately 3 mg.Riboflavin is found in broccoli, peas, cabbage, mushrooms, chicken meat, brewer's yeast, milk or dairy products.

During the summer, the load on the eye increases, because we have to squint, shielding his eyes from the sun.In addition, the areas around the eyes, with very thin skin, open wind and sun, which means that the aging process can be accelerated.As a result, fine wrinkles are formed.Therefore, leaving the sun, always wear sunglasses (but not the most fashionable, and those who are well reflected ultraviolet rays).They protect themselves eyes and the skin around them.Also, do not forget before going outside to lubricate the skin cream with protection against UV factor.In winter, it should also be more careful approach to nutrition and skin protection.