skin Nutrition

Power - the most important stage of skin care.Regular recharge of making the skin soft and smooth, it preserves and restores the natural moisture balance.Meals - a mandatory step daily care, as it promotes healthier skin in general.

Our body needs nutrients.Similarly, the skin needs for food, livelihood, so to be "nourished".Skin Nutrition is necessary to make up for the deficit are important to the skin compounds:. lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc.

At the cellular level, this involves the active and passive transport of molecules into the cell.

Almost all beauticians believe that the skin young, healthy women, 20-25 years old does not need a special diet.Creams at this age can only be used if there are signs of dry skin, with special sensitivity to UV radiation or exposure to adverse environmental factors.

"The older the skin, the more it is in need of nutrition and hydration."

However, areas subject to early withering, - lip corners, outer corners of eyes and forehead, require power

at a young age, because here in the first place there is the appearance of facial wrinkles.Similarly, the skin around the eyes needs to be particularly careful care and protection.For its power is necessary to use special creams and gels for the skin around the eyes.

Nourishing Cream - this means that moisturize, soften the skin and restore its function.This nutritious mixture of fats and wetting agents necessary to preserve the smooth, smooth and delicate skin.Modern cosmetology attaches particular importance to not only how to properly nourish the skin, but also the selection of tools that are used for the preparation of creams.Preference is given to natural ingredients.When choosing a nourishing cream should also take into account the individual characteristics and the type of your skin.

dry skin in need of nourishing diet, you need 2-3 times a day to lubricate the cream fortified.If after the first 20-30 minutes after applying the cream on the skin hardly remain traces means, repeat the procedure.Re-applied cream is not only wrinkles ( "crow's feet"), but also on the chin and forehead.

If dry skin is depleted and it has wrinkles, you need to ensure that it is more intense and deep moisturizing power.For these purposes, it is recommended to use fortified fat cream on a wet swab.In moderately soaked in salted water swab take a small amount of cream.It is applied to the skin with light, staccato, pressing movements, starting with the contour of the face and gradually climbing up.The cream is applied abundantly on those areas of the skin where there are wrinkles.Then, it is desirable to do light massage.This procedure should be performed daily.

"When fading facial skin use cream, which contains a lot of water and fat."

Oily skin must be nourished as well as any other.Before applying nourishing cream should be thoroughly clean the skin and rub it with acidified lotion or salt water, infusion of horsetail or sage.

acidified lotion containing 15% alcohol, it is best to use after cleaning the skin only on the affected area (for tightening already been cleared).

Women with dense skin is better to use a liquid cream.

Frequent washing your face with soap and water, use alcohol-containing agents lead to the fact that oily skin loses not only the excess fat, but also necessary for normal functioning.Therefore, for greasy skin creams are used, reducing the amount of vitamins and active compounds.In the creams include waxes, vitamins, disinfectants, herbal extracts, benzoic acid, and sometimes sulfur.

To reduce the gloss non-greasy cream applied face in which the fat is replaced by a fatty acid (stearin).This tool is easily absorbed, reducing shine and skin irritation.The cream is applied as a powder.

evening with oily skin nourishing cream applied undesirable, except for the lower eyelid, as his skin is usually dry.Use for this special creams for age or for dry skin.

cream can sometimes be replaced with vegetable oil (olive, corn, peach, in extreme cases sunflower).The vegetable oil is desirable to add the castor oil or possibly oil of sea buckthorn, wild rose.

If, after cleansing the skin pulled off a bit, it rubbed liquid creams.

without consulting a dermatologist or beautician is undesirable to use a degreaser, containing more than 30% alcohol.

good result with oily skin gives also holding several courses beauty massage face masks.But we can not do massage and self-massage with the use of fatty creams and emollients.For this purpose it is necessary to take the purified talc or vegetable oil.

Now some tips for applying and using nourishing creams.

- Nourishing Cream is used at night (with the exception - oily skin) for 1.0-1.5 hours, or at least 30 minutes before bedtime and in the morning 30-40 minutes before going outside.

- It is not appropriate to lubricate the face just before bedtime.Research by infrared spectroscopy confirmed that deep impregnation of the stratum corneum occurs within 10-20 minutes after applying the cream.So after 30 minutes after application to the skin means an excess of clean paper towel or cotton swab.

- If there is no opportunity after 30 minutes, remove the shine from skin with a cotton swab, you need to press several times to the face with the back of both hands.

- no need to apply the cream from a tube or jar directly on the skin.Pogrom cream in the hands.Thick or cooling devices can cause unwanted vasoconstriction, weakens the effect of the drug.

- Before applying cream rub it between the fingers of both hands.Likewise, the cream is applied on the wet swab.

- Nourishing Cream is better to impose on the face moisturized, because water promotes more rapid penetration into the skin.Apply the cream with light, as if sliding movements of the fingertips in the direction of lines of skin for 3-5 minutes.We need to take three fingers of each hand, a little nourishing cream and lubricate the face and neck profusely.

Then gently pat the face with his three rectified serried fingers of both hands in the following areas:

- from the center of the chin to the earlobe

- from the corners of the mouth to the middle ear

- on the wings of the nose to the middle ear

- from the center of the foreheadthe temples

- from the inner corner of the eye above his eyebrow to hairline border

- neck - from the collarbone up to his chin.

- The skin of the eyelids requires a particularly cautious approach.Under the very eyes Tapping lightly padded leather 3-, 4-, 5 th fingers in a circle.Eyes close, try to relax.Tapping Start from the outside corner of the eye along the lower eyelid towards the inner corner of the eye, once again returning to the starting position.Outside, the corners of the eyes, try massaging intensity.Claps presses must be combined with frequent and slow pressure.Self-massage is good to finish a smooth and easy movement of the vibration - fingertip shower.

"Apply to skin cream with a thick layer can not be in the evening or in the morning or in the afternoon."

- If you have dry skin or wrinkles cream should be applied wet swab, and only then proceed to self-massage.

- Lots of skin on the upper lip or on the chin, if there are growing coarse hair, it is undesirable to lubricate nourishing cream.Use of hormonal creams that increase hair growth, in this case generally contraindicated.

- After 30-40 minutes after applying the cream it is removed with a cotton swab moistened with lotion mildly acidified or salt water or tea.One or two tampons pat on the face for 1-2 minutes, as if driving a cream.Thereafter swab light squeeze and remove abrupt movements cream carefully - the tip of the chin, along the contour of the face, with the cheekbones, forehead to bulge slightly - from the temples and on the sides of the neck.Then the skin thoroughly dried cloth.

What should be a layer of nourishing cream?Invalid opinion though, the drier and thinner skin, so in more nourishing cream she needs.Apply the cream on the skin with a thick layer can not be in the evening or in the morning or afternoon.Especially it is harmful for women who face puffy, there are bags under the eyes, swollen eyelids, there is a tendency to skin irritation, as well as expansion of capillaries.At these events, as well as the fatty skin type must be in the evening 20-30 minutes after applying the cream to remove his swab moistened with lotion or tea.If

nourishing night cream applied to the skin with a thick layer of water contained in the cream, night evaporate, turning into a cream ointment.Remaining after layer of ointment can cause long-term expansion of the blood vessels and lead to redness and peeling.As a result, the skin becomes loose and flabby.

undesirable to use nourishing creams on a daily basis.From time to time you need to give your skin rest, as it should also breathing pores and release natural fat.

If you have time, you can dedicate a whole day for skin care: during the day to lubricate the face with a nourishing cream in the morning, afternoon and evening for an hour and a half, each time lifting his cold sour milk or lotion.After a while the cream is applied under the eyes, on the temples, forehead and neck, and in the evening before bedtime remove his wet swab.

"It is not recommended to use more than a month the same drugs or skin care products."

Some women are afraid that their skin will cease to work itself out of the power supply and an abundance of active substances.Depriving full power it can not in any case!Others note that the skin becomes a "greedy", that do not have time to feed her.Indeed, the skin may develop addiction to the active substances.Once the skin is deprived of this product, irritation, are still smoothed cream, begin to appear in the form of tension and other unpleasant phenomena.They disappear once again applied the previous cream.In this case it makes only a change of the drug.

When excessive "voracity" of the skin to creams recommended to consistently change means reducing the content of fat, that is. E. Every day applied to the skin a new cream with less fat than before, and some time to opt out of the usual active nutrientscreams.Easy feeling of tension for the first time properly.

not recommended to use more than a month the same drugs or skin care products.Therefore, from time to time must be changed creams given time of year, solar activity, and their vitamin composition.

If the skin does not tolerate certain ingredients contained in creams (honey, hops, aloe, hormones, vitamin A, and others.), You need to stop using them immediately.