Steam baths for the face

Usually the term skin treatment we mean the usual washing with water, milk or a special gel.But if your goal is a deep cleaning, then start all over to be with steam baths, compresses, masks and only then use scrubs that remove dead skin cells.

This cosmetic procedure is very important, as it helps open the pores and deep cleansing of all skin layers.Steam baths beneficial effect on facial blood vessels, increase blood circulation and sweating.All face cleaned of dust, secretions of the sebaceous and sweat glands, and as a result much easier procedure for removing a layer of dead cells.

For each type of skin while the steam bath receiving different: for dry skin - 3 minutes, normal - 5-7, a fat - up to 10 minutes.Most professionals recommend making steam bath for oily skin: every two weeks, normal - once a month, dry skin - once in 2-3 months.

Remove makeup and wash your face means that you use every day.Tie a scarf on her head and clean under her hair - it does not need to be exposed to high tempera

tures.Prepare a medium-sized towel and, if you have no special device, take a small, but still a deep basin on 2-3 liters, diameter should be slightly larger than your face.

Pour water to two-thirds of the depth of utensils, boil the water and remove from heat.Water should cool slightly, because its temperature must not exceed 50 ° C, otherwise can be burned.

Put the bowl on the low table and sit down so that you feel comfortable.Leaning over a basin, cover with a towel head.If you will be very hot, you can just push the edge of the towel.If the water quickly cooled, pour a little hot.Your face is okay to sweat.

Steam baths can be made with different herbs.Dry raw material can be immediately pour in boiling water or pour it first into linen bag and drop in a bowl.On one steam bath usually take 1-2 tablespoons of herbs.

After a steam bath, followed by purification, or without it, you should always be applied to dry and normal skin - fat cream for oily skin - a moisturizer.

Steam baths are contraindicated in cardiovascular diseases in severe, asthma, disorders of the circulatory system, dilation of blood vessels on the face, inflamed blackheads and pustules, as well as serious skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, rosacea.