Dental Care and Oral

Many people know that there are special additional skin care products.These additional funds are special creams and lip.Of course, it would be good to have them every woman.In this case you need to know about some of the features of the care of the skin of the lips, as if it is cracked, weathered or obviously old, no makeup will not look.

lips need constant care.Every day, apply the cream on the lips.If this is not a special cream for the lips, it must have at least your regular face cream.Apply it on the lips need fingertips Tapping movements.

evening, after you brush your teeth, wash your toothbrush and massage it to your lips and gums.This will improve blood flow to the lips, and they long retain freshness.

"Beauty is the victims. It is better to have a beautiful mouth, which is a pleasure to kiss, you buy another coat."

Very often the lips dry, weather-beaten, they are cracks.This is their condition - usually a consequence of the bad habit of licking his lips.But the reason may be in the climatic

conditions in the intensive action of sunlight, wind, cold.Another reason is the lack of vitamin A, C and B, or simply the use of poor quality lipstick.

If the lips are cracked or weather-beaten, immediately discard the usual lipstick, and use hygienic lipstick.Actively use lip cream or plain cream.Many companies produce special emollient lip balms.You can also make a mask for the lips of the popular recipes.

to the lips and the area around the mouth did not age as long as possible, you need to do special exercises lip .Here are a few exercises.

1. Stretch the corners of the mouth to the side.Deeply inhale through clenched teeth, and then, through clenched teeth, pulled his lips and slowly breathe out through clenched teeth.Repeated at least 5 times.

2. Inhale as in the previous exercise.Exhale alternately through the right, then left through the corners of the mouth.Repeated at least 5 times.

3. Pull the lips into his mouth, hold it there teeth and stay in this position for 5 seconds.

4. Lift the corners of the mouth then apart, then together.

5. Lower the corners of the mouth then apart, then together.

6. Strongly squeeze the teeth, breathe.Breathing heavily inflate the cheeks, at this time, press your finger on the edge of the upper lip.Repeated at least 5 times.

Why the lips and the skin around them early age?This can be caused by different factors: poor hygiene, and, consequently, lack of moisture in the skin, smoking.

Not only is smoking all contribute to more rapid aging of the skin and the organism as a whole (because the skin - a mirror of the body), also while smoking made sucking movements, and, in the end, on the site of wrinkles wrinkles.

Another reason is extremely unpleasant, - absence of teeth.When the teeth fall out, there is an obvious distortion face.

So, do conclusion that the lips were beautiful, and the body - healthy teeth need care.First, brush your teeth after every meal.Use high-quality toothpaste, which necessarily contains sodium chloride.Visit semiannually dentist.If the tooth is still lost, you need to do prosthetics.And certainly not desirable to insert gold teeth.The most ideal option - so that no one noticed that you have not already have one, two, or ... teeth.

course, now for a qualified approach to the treatment you will pay quite a lot of teeth.But the beauty is worth the victims.It is better to have a beautiful mouth, which is a pleasure to kiss, you buy another coat.

Another very unpleasant consequence of poor care of teeth and gums - breath.Believe me, no make-up will not save you if you will be uncomfortable to talk because of the bad breath.It is necessary then to restrict the photos (they do not smell) and talking on the phone.

If you breath smells (it is easy to check: Place the palm to her mouth, exhale sharply mouth and breathe in the nose), go to the doctor.He tells you what caused bad breath.Besides the problems with the teeth and the mouth, it can be caused by the poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract or lung disease.

have the means to breath smelled good - a special mouth rinse for mouth rinse.You can also use folk remedies.But as you get rid of the investigation, rather than the cause.So, the conclusion, go to the doctor to be treated!

Folk remedies for lip and oral care

Cream Lip

Ingredients: 1 small slice of avocado, a few drops of vegetable oil.Mash the avocado oil.Apply this cream on the lips for 15 minutes.Then you can either remove the cloth, or just lick.

Mask Lip

Ingredients: 5 drops of cucumber juice, 5 drops of carrot juice, 1/4 teaspoon of honey, half a teaspoon of sour cream or cottage cheese, 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil.Mix the juice, grind honey with sour cream and add to the juice, all mixed until smooth.Apply the mask on the lips for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and rub the lips with olive oil.

Another version of the mask for lips.Take 1/2 teaspoon of cottage cheese and 1/2 teaspoon cream.Mix cottage cheese and cream.Apply the mask on the lips for 10 minutes.Then rinse with warm water and lubricate lip cream or vegetable oil.

Mask Lip "Honey┬╗

You will need 1 teaspoon honey.Spread honey on the lips for 15 minutes.Then either slugs or remove the cloth.

for strengthening the gums

Take 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut.And then everything is very simple: it is necessary for a long time and thoroughly chew the cabbage.Repeat this procedure often.

Another means to strengthen the gums.Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of marigold, 1 cup of boiling water.Pour boiling water calendula and leave for 20 minutes.Strain.Infusion rinse your mouth.

Tools to help in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity .

- Ingredients: 2 medium aloe leaf 1 cup of boiling water.Grind the leaves.Pour boiling water aloe.Let stand 30 minutes, drain.Infusion rinse your mouth.

- Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of chopped oak bark, 1 cup of boiling water.Pour boiling water over the crust, put on fire and boil for 15 minutes.Remove from heat and leave for 1 hour, drain.Broth rinse your mouth.

- Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of blueberries, 1 cup of boiling water.Pour boiling water over the blueberries, put on fire and boil for 15 minutes.Remove from heat and leave for 1 hour, drain.Broth rinse your mouth.

tool that helps get rid of bad breath

- Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of chopped oak bark, 1 tsp chopped calamus root, 1 cup of boiling water.Mix the oak bark from the root of sweet flag, pour boiling water and leave to infuse for an hour.Strain.Rinse mouth.

- Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of nutmeg.You just need to chew nutmeg.This should be done slowly and for a long time.

- Make a solution of potassium permanganate light pink color.Rinse your mouth with them.

agent for whitening teeth and massaging gums

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of fresh strawberries, 2 tablespoons milk or cream.Mash strawberries and cream.Use the mixture as a toothpaste.