Hair loss.What does hair fall out ?

Hair Life can be divided into three periods:

- hair growth.This period lasts from 2 to 10 years.Almost all of the hair on the head are in this state;

- Hair vacation.This period lasts about 3 weeks.Resting approximately 1% of the hair;

- extinction.This period lasts about 3 months.On the head dies about 14% of hair.

To determine the condition of the hair strand is enough to take approximately ten hairs and pull it a little bit.If you remain in the hand of 2-3 hairs, then everything is fine.If in the hand of more than 4 hairs, that is cause for concern (if, of course, not in spring or autumn).

Why is it that hair fall out?The causes of hair loss, there are several.

reason for hair loss - seasonal and age-related changes

For example, as mentioned above, it may be associated with changes in the seasons.In spring and autumn hair falls especially hard.Animals at this time fade, that person is going through a kind of molting.This period, simply wait and worry less, so as not to aggravate the situat

ion further and experiences.Remember that hair can simply react to sudden changes in temperature.That's why walking in the winter without a hat can badly affect the condition of your hair.

Another cause of hair loss - age-related changes in the body.The first serious trouble with the hair, usually occur to 40 years in both men and women.These problems are caused by increased with the content of androgens in the body.This age-hormonal disorders, which are expressed in the deterioration of the quality of hair.Usually, hormonal disorders are hereditary, but can also be caused by improper treatment of the disease.

Hair loss during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women usually do not have problems with hair.Indeed, in this period in a woman's body produces an additional quantity of estrogens, which suppress male hormones and thus activate the hair growth.Problems can occur after childbirth, especially in the first three months.In this case, too, should not panic, and calmly wait for about six months.Now, if after six months postpartum hair loss will continue, it is necessary to sound the alarm and see a specialist.

When receiving the contraceptive pill with a high content of hormones may be delayed hair growth.

reason for hair loss - inflammation

Moreover, almost any inflammatory process in the body can cause hair loss.No matter what you ache - teeth or throat - in the body is an inflammatory process and this may affect the condition of your hair.

Hair necessarily react to frequent and stress, especially long-term or chronic.Indeed, in a stressful situation about 1 5% Hair terminate their livelihoods.Therefore, you can not treat yourself to a negligent - it will affect your appearance.

diet as the cause of hair loss

Excessive enthusiasm varied diet, dashing in the diet from one extreme to the other is also reflected in the hair.It is extremely dangerous not-sufficiency in the body of amino acids, zinc, iron, vitamins C, E and F.

As you can see, the causes of poor condition of the hair set.Therefore, if you have problems with hair should take it seriously.Remember that only the external influence of any one issue can not be solved.If the body is an inflammatory process, or there are no vitamins, no shampoos and conditioners will not help.Try to find out the cause of hair loss, and then takes over its removal.

hair to look good for them should be properly looked after.In healthy hair, the keratin scales are evenly covering each other (as shingles).Improper hair care flakes begin to delaminate, warp, and separated.In order for hair to look beautiful and healthy, it is necessary at the time of hair growth have an impact on the root of his body, which is located in the lower layers of the scalp.