To hairstyle was beautiful

Hairstyle depends not only on the shape of the face.On the hair, as in everything that surrounds a woman, is greatly influenced by fashion .However, when choosing hairstyles should proceed of the features of your face, your style, personality.

When choosing a hairstyle is important to consider the age and : that is 15-year-old girl, is not always suitable for women who for thirty.The last has to hide wrinkles on the neck, body fat, much of what occurs with age.Care should be taken about the choice of hairstyle the day when you're at work, and more free, "home".Special attention is required hairstyle for special occasions.To hairstyle good "lay", you need to carefully take care of the hair.

Grooming hair, do not forget about the general rules!

1. Do not be lazy to visit a qualified hairdresser.Many women prefer to do take care of hair, but the hair back in shape, to give it a neat and well-groomed appearance can only at the hairdresser.

2. Wash head at least once a week , long hair can be washed every 10 days.

3. Do not twist the hair on curlers the night - they will only prevent you from sleeping.It is better to do it in the morning, lightly moisten the hair with water and dry them with a hairdryer.Your hair will look fresh and neat.

4. Do not stop your choice on one, even if well selected hair.With age, you will have more than once to return to the selection of hairstyles.Do not wait until you are forced to this circumstance, pick up a new hairstyle in advance.With a new hairstyle you will look different, that will surely enjoy the people around you.

Shampoo?It is such a simple thing, what is there to especially make a mistake?Even as possible!There are a number of rules that will make gentle shampoo for hair as possible.

Before washing, how to comb hair.This will loosen dirt and remnants of styling products.Rinse hair with warm water.This can save you a shampoo.Shampoo use sparingly.With short hair, squeeze enough out of the tube blob the size of a walnut.Shampoo applied to the head immediately, but first rub in the palms.Hair never scrape, but only gently prominaetsya.

not leave the shampoo in your hair for a long time.Cleaning and nutritious substances act in a few seconds.Very important: after washing the hair should be thoroughly rinsed, because the shampoo residues may impair the hair shine and lightness.

Then the hair should gently squeeze lightly wipe and wrap a towel.Wiping his hair, and avoid sudden and strong movements.

contact with wet hair very carefully.The dry fibers in the composition of the hair is very tough and even harder nails.But this state immediately disappears as soon as the hair get wet.The outer scaly layer swells in water and becomes very sensitive.When carelessly combing individual scales can be cleaved and rip.This worsens the durability of the hair, its shine and elasticity.Therefore, combing and untangling hair wet, use a gap-toothed comb.At the same time, make sure that the teeth are not sharp or angled.Combing wet hair with a brush in any case impossible.

Important: untangling hair, start from the ends and gradually moving higher, once again not to pull or tear them.If the hair is not to comb - this is a sure sign that they are already damaged.

whether Harms daily washing hair?

If healthy hair, they can be easily washed at least every day.Modern shampoos are so soft that healthy hair is completely outsource daily washing, oily hair too.Research has clearly refuted the view that the skin due to frequent washing enhances zhirootdelenie.It is assumed that the preparations used do not dry the skin.

If the hair is long and are cut, you should carefully consider whether they need daily washing.The same applies to too dry scalp, itching which may appear on the daily washing.Each wash - even the most gentle shampoo - still does not pass in vain for the structure of hair and scalp.And for combing wet hair - also some damage.And then, and more is better not to cause sensitive hair daily.