How do self-massage of the head

self-massage of the head - one of the most effective measures that will help to return the former beauty of your hair.Of course, that at the same time self-massage and some other necessary measures, such as taking vitamins.

Very often one of the main reasons for the deterioration of the condition of your hair is precisely the lack of vitamins in your body.So it's time to move to the right balanced diet and drink course of vitamins.

Here are some tips:

- Buying shampoo, focuses not on the hair type and the condition of the scalp (oily, dry, sensitive).If your hair is dry and the scalp quickly salted, choose a shampoo for oily hair.

- Choosing any means (be it shampoo, mask or varnish), prefer that contains UV filters.

- At home, people use methods and recipes.They will help you better than salon treatments.

How do self-massage of the head

During self-massage and after improving the scalp circulation.It has a calming effect on the nervous system, promotes hair growth.Therefore, it is desirable

to carry out self-massage after every hair wash, as well as in free time.

begin to massage, when the hair is well dry, but not dried completely.Previously should spend massage of the skin of the forehead, temples and behind the ear.Massage the scalp is made at a slow pace, on the count of three, rhythmically.

movements should be soft, soothing.Fingers against your skin over its entire surface, although only doing massage directly fingertips.The direction of movement of the arms during a massage should match the direction of hair growth, as well as the direction of lymph flow and excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, that is, from top to bottom and radially in all directions.Massage consists of stroking, rubbing, stretching, ventilation and hair vibration.

Stroking .Produced fingertips of both hands, starting from the frontal hairline partings on to the back, or one arm is mounted on the top of the forehead, the other - on the back of the head, both hands easily, without pressure, move towards each other.

Rubbing .Use your fingertips massaged down from the top in the radial direction (up and down) the entire scalp small, energetic, then circular motions fingertips along the same lines.

Effleurage .It produced four fingers of both hands (thumb while fixed) over the entire surface of the head gently, easily, without causing discomfort.

Sipping and airing .Hair grip between your fingers and gently pull upward movements, perform minor fluctuations hair airing.

Vibration .Use your fingertips all over the head in the direction from the top down to the hairline as it moved the soft tissue.