Hair care.As you wash your hair?

One of the main methods of hair care is their washing.Immediately arises the main question - how often should I wash my hair?It depends on the type of hair, the season, climatic conditions.The main thing is that the hair should be washed when they are just beginning to become dirty.

Before proceeding to wash the hair, they need to be combed.The head is well moistened with water.In the past, it is good to wash your hair, use rainwater or melt water.Now hard tap water should be added to soften a little borax or baking soda, usually 1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water.

water for washing the hair should be soft enough to moderately hot (38-40 ° C).Cleaning hard water does not clear and even, on the contrary, spoil the hair.

for rinsing the hair can be used infusions made from birch leaves, nettle leaves or chamomile flowers.A tablespoon dried minced raw pour a glass of boiling water, allow to infuse until cool, then strain.

To eliminate the influence of alkali, give your hair elasticity, softness and make t

hem shiny, to add to the water for rinsing 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 1 quart of water or juice of 1 lemon.Good moisten the hair after washing liquid consisting of 5 ml of glycerol, 15 ml of lemon juice, 90 ml of water and 15 ml cologne.This will make them soft, silky, shiny.Hot water and a gentle massage of the head contributed to increasing the circulation of the scalp, improves metabolism in tissues.

After washing the hair must be wiped dry with a towel.It is recommended to use warmed towels, especially in winter.In the summer it is advisable to dry your hair outdoors.Dull and matted long hair need to carefully comb your hands, squeeze between the ends of the towel and leave to dry completely loose.

fast drying hair dryer or dry heat is very bad, because the hair is easy to desiccate, become fragile and brittle (whipped).Do not comb your hair when wet, especially long.Potyazhelevshy from the water, they are easily pulled out.

After bathing in salt water (sea), the hair should be washed with plain water, because simultaneous exposure to salt water and bright sunlight makes the hair brittle.

When washing your hair you're not going to use folk remedies, then you need to choose the appropriate shampoo .

Never wash your hair is not designed for this purpose detergents - they are removed from the hair of all the natural fats.It is better not to use the "family shampoo", try to choose a shampoo according to the state of your hair and scalp.Today the choice of shampoo is very large.Special additives in shampoos provide virtually all of the options hair care.

suitable for oily hair soft emulsifiers and emollients grass irritation, dandruff - biologically active substances that kill microbes, for sensitive scalp - reducing the fat content of a substance for damaged hair - a substance that can bind with keratin and smooth the hair surface.

It should be borne in mind that the condition of your hair can vary, so watch out for them and change the shampoo if necessary.

next element of hair care products are balms .Rinsing balm gives your hair shine.As a rule, the use of conventional balm only prevents damage to the hair.But there are balms with special protein supplements, which have a therapeutic effect and for a time restore the surface of hair of patients.Use balm, giving hair shine, it is advised for each washing head, so it is best to apply the balm together with the shampoo.Usually contained in the shampoo and balm substances are chosen so that the hair is clean and smoothed, are easy to curl.

Furthermore balms for hair care conditioners are used. Air or rinse , neutralises static electricity and makes the hair supple.It protects hair from the harmful effects of the environment, facilitates combing, gives the hair shine and elasticity.

In order to facilitate the creation of hairstyles, or give your hair some form used hair gel .Gel reinforces stacking shape, but not so much as a varnish.The use of the gel allows you to quickly put the bangs or curls screwed.

Modeling hair gel is available in three versions: ultrasilnoy, strong and normal fixation.The gel is applied to the still wet hair.Dial gel cupped palm, rub hands and evenly apply it to the entire surface of the hair.After that, give your hair the desired shape - smooth comb, put the individual strands in curls, etc.