Hair coloring with natural coloring substances .Henna and basma

If you decide to change the color of their hair and want to do it using only natural coloring agents, know that this path is more complex and long than hair coloring with paint on a chemical basis.For some recipes natural dyes are designed to gradually change color, that is, to achieve the desired effect for several days necessary to apply a coloring agent to the hair.

However, natural dyes have a number of advantages: First, many of them contain substances promoting restoration of hair structure, secondly, they are almost always suitable for people with allergic reaction to the dye-based chemical components, and thirdly, theymore affordable.So, what colors to use - it's a matter of taste and possibilities.

• Henna - dried and powdered leaves lawsonite.Fresh henna has a yellow-green color, and the old, overdue becomes reddish.

• Henna has long been used for coloring or give hair a beautiful red hue.

• Do not use artificial coloring, if the hair is dyed with henna!The reaction of chemical coloring ag

ents, and henna can give a completely unpredictable results, and if you do not want your hair to steel, blue or purple, green or another, no less exotic color, you need to henna is completely washed off.

Henna is colorless - a great way to strengthen the hair.Having bought a packet of colorless henna, carefully read the instructions and use it, as indicated in the hair henna does not change.

"White Henna - a hair dye discoloration should not be confused with colorless henna.!"

• Applying only one of x and y, you will paint dark blond and brown hair reddish-red color.Be careful with blond hair - they become fiery red.

• To make a nice bronze color dark hair into 2 parts henna, add 1 part Basma.

• A mixture of equal amounts of henna and basma give your hair a beautiful dark chestnut color.Equal parts Basma and henna dyed her hair black.

• Adding chamomile tincture (1 tablespoon per half a cup of water) to give henna black and dark Light Brown hair a bright golden hue.

"You can not use artificial coloring, if the hair is dyed with henna!"

• With natural ground coffee and henna can be painted dark brown hair in a beautiful dark chestnut color.Pour 15 g of natural ground coffee (4 tablespoons uppers) in 1 cup of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes.In the slightly cooled (to 65-70 ° C.) solution of the coffee package henna vsypte, carefully stir until smooth (not thick sour cream) - and ready to paint.

• Shade of mahogany for dark hair can be achieved combining henna with 3-4 tablespoons of cocoa.

Choosing the right proportion, brew a mixture of hot but not boiling water, so that a thick paste, and quickly while it is still warm, apply it on clean and dry hair.Tie head with a polyethylene kerchief, and on top - a towel or a warm scarf.Henna exposure time depends on what kind of color you want (you can define it in advance by painting a small section).After painting, wash your hair without shampoo and rinse with water acidulated with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

• Basma - grayish-green powder from the leaves of indigo, which has almost no odor.

• Henna can be used without Basma.Basma same without henna can give your hair a greenish-blue tint.For coloring of dark hair advise if you have the time and patience - not to mix henna with basma and first carefully paint hair henna one, hold it for at least 1 hour, rinse, and only then apply basmu.After 15-25 minutes, the hair will become auburn hue, 40-50 minutes - Dark brown.And through!- 1.5 hours - will be black.