Secrets of hair care at home

Caring for your hair does not leave us throughout life.About hair they say they are - Socket beauty, emphasizing her or gloss over the shortcomings, if necessary.Therefore we must take care to hair healthy and beautiful.

Of course, not always proper care has the intended effect.Often the condition of the hair depends on the general state of health.Most notably that, when the body is tired and lacks vitamins, - efforts to increase hair twice.

After the holidays, if you are sensible and do not subject your hair to excessive sun exposure, they become soft, shiny, easy to style.But this does not mean that you should ignore the daily care of the hair or recurrent treatment-reducing procedures.

In order to maintain or restore your hair, medical cosmetics manufacturers come up with each time more and more new funds.Some of these tools help, some do not.On the TV screen, we broadcast a movie star of the wonders that are done to them now divine hair or that paint.Advertising sometimes looks convincing, and we

although with fluctuations, but still buy the recommended product and start to experiment.

But for some reason the results are often puzzling and sometimes frustrating.Desired brilliant ashy tone on the package suddenly turns into an incredible blue-green on his own head.And if they have achieved the desired result, then two weeks later on the hair is a shade, bears little resemblance to the original color juicy.

Painful doubt the sincerity of the advertising film stars and suspicion that in fact they have their hair dyed in an expensive beauty salon in very different colors, become visible evidence.Depressed sad experience of women go to the salon to get hair is not worse than movie stars.

dye the hair quality - that means get the hair color, which is planned to preserve the structure of the hair, its elasticity, shine and elasticity.Make it very difficult: it is necessary to take into account the many individual characteristics of your hair - their original color, health condition at the time of color, etc. By virtue of whether you self-assess your hair and then choose wisely paint composition..?

Alas, we must acknowledge that not always.It required a lot of expertise, including on the colors of which have only a specially trained master in the famous beauty salons.And, of course, need a professional high-quality cosmetics.

compositions are sold on the shelves of cosmetics stores are chemically synthesized and contain virtually no useful components.This makes them affordable and creates an insidious ease of choice.But look, you will not be for the averages, but for their loved ones and not always healthy hair.

hair can spoil and wrong chosen shampoo.For example, shampoo "for all hair types," not only does not contain substances to treat hair, but also can "clean up" the vital natural strength of the hair.A shampoo for dandruff contain active substances that adversely affect the dyed hair: color quickly washed out and pale.

Those or other hair problems are familiar to every woman.Someone is trying to solve their own, and someone passes a special salon beauty treatments for hair.Promises that the beauty salon you at least will not spoil the hair, not always fulfilled.Even a good master can make a mistake.But it is also a good master, unlike you, always knows how to fix the error.

If you own experimenting with hair color and now hated the whole world, it is in the beauty experts will help get rid of the unfortunate color using demakiyantov and restore damaged hair using professional cosmetic products.

important to understand that to buy in retail stores such quality cosmetics, has healing properties and can provide maximum care and repair damaged hair, it is impossible for a very good reason: the purchase of tools for hair care without the recommendation of a specialist is also questionable, as the acquisition of hearsay drugs inpharmacy.In a good salon offers a range of revitalizing hair procedures and advise on how to take care of it for your hair.

to the salon procedures include hair masks, peels, hair loss treatment and other medical facilities, dyeing, cutting, hair styling and other procedures.