Hair loss - prevention methods of traditional medicine

Wrong hair care for a few years, leading to significant changes in the skin of the scalp head of hair as a result of damage summation, a long time is not accompanied by clinical symptoms.

Many substances that are part of "cosmetic products for hair care", are potent chemical compounds able to induce both local and systemic side effects that contribute to violation of the metabolic processes in the skin and hair follicles.Any

shampoo comprises surfactants that are not only remove dirt from the hair and scalp, but also lead to their defatting.It was found that when washing is removed over 80% of the lipids included in the protective film of the scalp and the hair shaft.Baseline lipid restored within 3-7 days, and in the distal portions of hair - for 1-2 days longer.

Accordingly, during this period, the hair shaft is not protected by the lipid film.Furthermore, it was found that when tampering occurs combing cuticle or outer layer of hair shaft of varying severity, until its removal.With a length of ha

ir to shoulders cuticle is saved only to the level of 4-5 cm from the scalp, the hair on the rest of the site is determined by the naked stem cortex, that the irrational withdrawal leads to even deeper damage to the hair structure and cause complete or partial loss of hair.

Recommendations for frequent use shampoos fundamentally wrong

was found that frequent washing of hair causes them to proliferate.Therefore, recommendations for frequent use shampoos with greasy hair fundamentally wrong.

According to some experts frequent hair washing (daily!), Was a consequence of the general advertising of so-called mild shampoo suitable for everyday use is a serious problem.The human body operates a number of important compensatory-adaptive mechanisms that maintained its normal life.The formation of water-lipid film is the same compensatory and adaptive processes.Obviously, these reactions can not be infinite, and the result of such "sverhgigienicheskih" measures is hair thinning, and in severe cases - and total baldness.

Hair loss - a consequence of the frequent use of mild shampoos

Especially noteworthy harmful effect of low temperatures on the condition of hair.It is known that hair growth is due to the division of the hair bulb cells, powered vessels, located in the hair papilla, which is part of the dermis.Environment decrease in temperature causes a sharp spasm of blood vessels of the skin of the scalp, resulting in disturbed nutrition of hair follicles and communication matrix with the hair papilla and, as a consequence, there is a cessation of hair growth and hair loss.

use hair lacquers in cold weather causes additional damage to the hair.The cured lacquer forms numerous kinks in the hair shaft, which is easily determined by a study of the hair under the light microscope.So, lack of attention to the hair in the cold season, as fraught with hair loss.