The Flying Dutchman ( Obscure )

From generation to generation the sailors recounted one another legend of the Flying Dutchman.This image always makes the heart beat faster.Mystery and romance associated with it, excited the imagination.And not without reason: the legend is really very poetic.Every year, dozens of ships disappearing in the oceans.It is not only fragile skiffs and boats, elegant yachts and pleasure boats - among the missing, there are passenger ships and bulk carriers.

What happened?Where to go?Any sailor will tell you that everything here is very simple and inescapable: they met with the "Flying Dutchman".

Legend has it that once lived Dutch captain Van der Decken.He was a drunkard and a blasphemer.One day, near the Cape of Good Hope, his ship was caught in a strong storm .Komanda immediately start tempting the old captain to approach the shore and ride out the storm.However, he was drunk, and maybe crazy.One way or another, but the prayer of the wards he ignored.Not only that: he had sworn by all means go around the

Cape.Fearing for the fate of the ship at the mercy of half-witted captain, sailors, along with passengers rebelled and revolted, having produced an order to disarm a madman.However, he proved to be more cunning and caught the leader of the rebels.A few seconds later he went to feed the fish.

- Every one who goes against me, will be the same, - growled the captain, turning to the terrified sailors, foot and shoved the body of the navigator.Apparently, this threat is not reason with the team and the captain again floated a gun.

Since Flying Dutchman sails the seas, spreading death and destruction.With rotten body, it is nevertheless perfectly kept on the waves.The team captain of his cursed God gathers from drowning, being abominable and filthy than were their deeds in life, the better.As legend has it the ghost of the Flying Gollancz portends certain death for the ship or part of the crew.Therefore, the sailors feared him like fire, superstitiously nailing horseshoes to masts horse.

"... And if an hour is transparent, morning swimmers in its seas met, they are eternally tormented inner voice Blind harbinger of sorrow ..."

Such is the legend, filled with mysticism, like a phantasmagoria.It must have been this myth has under itself some historical background.However, the real facts are losing their shape under the veil of time.

example, portrayed in disagreement about the name of the captain of the accursed schooner.Some of his name van der Decken, others - Van Straatenom, and others - simply Wan.In all probability, the basis for the legend lay the real story that happened to one of the Dutch sailors in 1641.Merchant ship set out to sail around the Cape of Good Hope in the search for a suitable place for a small settlement, which could serve as a transit point for ships of the East India Company.He will compete for the storm, but the captain decided to get to the goal, whatever it at any cost.The story ended badly.However, there has not been without myth.According to legend, the stubborn captain so wanted to get to the eastern side of the cape, which proclaimed: "I will go there, even if I do it will take time until the end of the world!"The devil gave him eternal life, and since then the ship is worn on the waves far away from the modern Cape Town.

There is another, very real precedent "Flying Dutchman".In 1770, on one of the ships of an outbreak of an unknown illness.Being in the vicinity of Malta, sailors sought refuge in the local port.Authorities denied for security reasons.Likewise did the ports of Italy and Britain, condemning the inhabitants of the ship to slow death.In the end, the ship is really turned into a floating island with a pile of skeletons on board.

July 11, 1881 in the logbook of the frigate of the Navy of Great Britain "Bakkante", which rounded the Cape of Good Hope, there was a record: "During the night watch our traverse across the" Flying Dutchman ".First, there was a strange reddish light coming from the ghost ship, and against this background glow clearly silhouetted the mast, rigging and sails of the brig. "The next morning, the lookout, first noticed a ghost ship, the mast broke and fell to his death.Later, suddenly fell ill and died squadron commander.

Over the past 400 years of "The Flying Dutchman" have seen many times.Meeting with them most often occur to the south of the Cape of Good Hope.

painted black and a brightly lit ship always goes proudly raised the sails, even in the most ferocious weather.From time to time there are voices but experienced people do not answer the questions of the mysterious ghost, because they know: for it necessarily followed by misfortune.Some sailors are convinced that simply to look at the ship to find his death in a shipwreck.

Even the crews of German submarines during the Second World War, experienced the fear of "Dutchman", which is many times seen to the east of the Suez.Admiral Karl Doenitz wrote in his reports to Berlin: "The sailors said that they would prefer to meet with the Union naval forces in the North Atlantic than to experience the horror re-encounter with the phantom."

Interestingly, a Flying Dutchman almost met a representative of the British royal family.July 11, 1881 the British ship "Bacchante", carrying the young prince as a cadet, midshipman, met a ghost ship.As the fates decree prince was destined to live for long years and become King George V. But the sailor, who was standing on that fateful day on patrol, soon fell off the mast and hurt himself to death.

But the most amazing in this whole story is that the legendary ship met even in the 20th century!So, in March 1939, his presence personally watched a lot of South African swimmers.This event is documented as the day wrote about him all the newspapers.A similar story happened with a German submarine during World War II.In the 60s of the last century, scientists have tried to bring the latest scientific data to explain the phenomenon of the Flying Dutchman.It was assumed that this is a mirage that arises in anticipation of the storm as a result of a special kind of weather disasters.However, this hypothesis has not justified itself.

ship sailing under full sail, but do not have a team, is not uncommon.

early sunny morning in 1850 the ship "Sea Bird" appeared off the coast of the US state of Rhode Island, near Newport.Gathered at the shore of people to see that the ship is under full sail to the reef.As to the reef was a few meters away, a huge wave lifted sailboat and gently moved it to land.To get to the villagers ship was struck: the ship was not a single living soul.On the stove in the galley boiling kettle in the cockpit was tobacco smoke, plates were placed on a table.Navigational instruments, maps, sailing and ship's papers = everything was in place.From the logbook, it became known that the sailboat was from Honduras to Newport with coffee cargo.He commanded a ship captain John Durham.

last entry in the log reported: "They went out on the beam Brenton Reef".This reef is only a few miles from Newport.Fishermen returning on the same day after fishing, said that early in the morning they saw a sailboat in the sea, and the captain greeted them.The most thorough investigation conducted by the police, did not explain why and where people are gone.

Some experts believe that one of the explanations for the disappearance of the team in some cases may be a sudden epidemic broke out.At the end of 1770 on the island of Malta went to the ship, the captain and 14 sailors who were struck by yellow fever.When this was reported to the Grand Master of the Maltese Order, he ordered to tow the ship from the port, along with 23 crew members.The ship sailed to Tunisia, however, the local ruler had warned, and he forbade to let the ship into port.The team decided to conduct a sailboat in Naples.There he was also not taken for fear of epidemics.Not taken the ship in France and in England.Eventually restless sailboat missing.

Another explanation - infrasound.What we know about him?Infrasound - it's not audible to the human ear low-frequency elastic wave (less than 16 Hz).When storms and strong winds above the sea surface in the air there are transverse and longitudinal oscillations.At a wind speed of 20 m / s Power "sea voice" reaches 3 W for every meter of water surface.Relatively small storm generates infrasound power of tens of kilowatts in the range of 6 Hz, which is the result of the impact on the body can be a temporary blindness, feeling of anxiety, are not rare and insanity attacks.In these attacks people are thrown overboard or turn into murderers, and then commit themselves their own lives.If the radiation frequency is 7 Hz, crew, death occurs almost instantaneously, because the heart is not able to withstand such a load ...

in September 1894 in the Indian Ocean on board the ship "Pikkuben" noticed a three-masted sailing ship "Eby Ess Hart."Its mast waving a distress signal.When the sailors landed on the deck, they saw that all 38 crew members are dead, and the captain was crazy.Faces of the dead, those that have not so much been untouched by decay, were distorted with terror.

However, there are cases before which passes understanding.Mysticism, and only!People prone to disease - this is true, but then decrepit ships and do not live long without daily care.

In October 1913 rescue team from the English steamer "Johnson" got on board a sailboat drifting on board hardly read half-erased word "Malboro".Sails and mast of a ship were covered with greenish mold.rotten deck boards.At ladder reclining skeleton covered with rotting rags.On the bridge and cabins were discovered 20 skeletons.Pages logbook matted ink flowed, and read anything was impossible.Approaching storm, and the captain of the ship, not being able to, and wishes to take the ship-ghost in tow, he said at the meeting place of the map with a mysterious sailing ship and ordered to lie on the opposite course.The port captain informed the authorities about the find.It quickly became clear that the "Malboro" in January 1890 left the port of Lyttleton in New Zealand with a cargo of wool and frozen mutton.He commanded a crew captain Hird.He was known as an experienced and knowledgeable sailor.Last seen sailing anpelya 1, 1890 in the Pacific Ocean near the Tierra del Fuego.Incredibly, '23 sailboat wandered no seas!This could not be, but the fact remained.

So to this day the nature of ghost ship remains a mystery to us.Who knows, maybe he is destined to again and again to remind myself.And maybe, The Flying Dutchman - just a myth?Who knows ...

To end on a gloomy note, too, will complete the story of the "Flying Dutchman" amusing incident from the recent past.

in 1986 in the Atlantic Ocean, in the area of ​​Philadelphia passengers recreational sea ship old sailing ship with torn sails was seen.On deck crowded with people in doublets, cocked, with swords.Seeing the pleasure craft, they gathered at the side and cried, shaking old muskets.Tourists also in full cameras clicked.On board was a popular newspaper reporter.For a decent amount he was allowed to pass information about the sensation in his edition.This is where it all cleared up.Hollywood has filmed another movie about ... "The Flying Dutchman".A strong gust of wind burst rope holding the ship at the pier, and boat, crowded extras, "catching" the wind tore into the open sea.Well, let any meeting with the "Flying Dutchman" comes to an end as well.