Unusual miracles in crashes ( Obscure )

In all the disasters are certainly people who escaped the disaster.So with the Tu-134, crashed near Petrozavodsk - several leading developers of large local companies were supposed to fly the ill-fated flight to leave, but did not fly - at the last moment turned docking flights.

We are not talking about those who escaped immediately.This, of course, a miracle.But not all.After all, there are still people who have survived simply because the crash did not participate.For some reason did not get into it.Although they should have.

People, far from scientific theories to explain the phenomenon of the miraculous rescue of religion enough.Who believes in God, he believed in the so-called guardian angels.It seems that they have for each person.Not one.The help of guardian angels, religion and explain any sudden good fortune.

And what materialists think?They are, surprisingly, are skeptical.That is, we do not believe that some higher power does not exist.

- the situation becomes clearer if we consider the c

ases of miraculous salvation separately, - says Valery Isakov, candidate of Mechanics and Mathematics, and the leader of a small group of researchers of anomalous phenomena.- Another thing to evaluate a large array of events - those that people could avoid accidents or disasters in terms of mathematical statistics.We tried to do it.There is a statistical anomaly that can be interpreted in many ways, including from the point of view of religion.

early as 1958, American sociologist James Staunton has analyzed more than 200 train derailments in the previous 30 years.It turned out that the trains run its course tragically, on average, they were filled to 61% of the maximum possible number of passengers.While at least 76% went to the prosperous journey.Here are the 15% and give reason to suspect the existence of a higher power.

Russian mathematicians have also used the data of the famous American writer-mystic Stephen King, to pay attention to the crash.After a plane crashes on the route Denver - Boston (United States) King called the airline, and he was informed that 16 people did not fly fatal flight - handed the tickets.Three more late.Usually, according to statistics, by refusing to travel no more than 10 people, and latecomers altogether uncommon.

By Western statistics, which took advantage of Russian scientists, for the last 20 years of flight, ended in disaster, refused by 18% more passengers than from the wealthy.

King himself suggested almost materialistic hypothesis.Like, sometimes wakes up "the subconscious warning system" in humans.That which at first was well developed in our ancestors, and did not allow to fall into the clutches of the saber-toothed tiger, and then withered for lack of need.Remains of this system is sometimes manifested in the form of intuition.