Aliens come to Us ( Obscure )

searching the depths of space of our "brothers in mind" in the world spent huge amounts of money.But if scientists have not been able to prove the existence of aliens, the spiritualists all for himself long ago decided, their contacts with representatives of other worlds are under hodom.Na sessions with mediums people often communicate with invisible entities that seem earthlings messengers Sirius, Orion NebulaAndromeda and so on.In UFO literature such contacts (as representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are out of sight contactee zone) is sometimes called "fourth generation contacts", or "channeling" (from the English channel - Ā«channelĀ»).Invisible people transmit sensational information about the universe and other worlds, predicting, lecture, but more vaguely expressed, such as: "The fate of humanity is preparing ordeals", "People need to repent," and the like.In this case, as always, at seances, it is impossible to understand who they are dealing are present: with the spirits or aliens rea

lly.And the information that is transmitted creatures from other worlds, rarely verifiable.In those cases where control is possible, the information is usually known in advance to some of the participants of the session.All this undermines the credibility of this kind of research.

therefore cause interest among ufologists are basically telepathic contact, which are accompanied by the appearance of something tangible, real, like UFOs or aliens themselves.

One of the first such contacts, who left a "tangible" tracks, held in 1951 in California (USA).Three psychic being at the place the recent landing disc-shaped UFO (the landing was observed about a dozen witnesses), tried to telepathically communicate with his crew.All three of them holding hands, began to mentally summon aliens.Soon, in the brain of one of the psychics voice sounded alien.In answering questions, he refused, explaining that he does not have time for it: in the next few hours his ship ever leaves the vicinity of the Earth.But the pilot agreed to once again fly over its landing place.People have been waiting for the appearance of a UFO, but did not wait.However, at night in nearby villages witnesses observed the flight of an unknown object, light alternating with white, orange and red lights and at times emit- ting down the conical beam, because of which there was a fire at one of the farms.


UFO sightings were accompanied by sessions of telepathic communication with aliens in 1968 in the US and in 1973 in France.In the second case, dark gray elliptical object height of about two meters and a length of about four meters, with rounded protuberances on the rim, fell 50 meters from a group of parapsychologists have caused it.Those at that time were in a trance, communicating with members of the crew plates.Follow experiment observers tried to approach the UFO, but it quickly soared and vanished into thin air.On the ground was trampled grass plot, and the film in cameras lit up.Contactees then stated that the aliens came from the constellation of Pisces and are here for research purposes.Attempts to contact with UFO again proved fruitless.

telepathic contact with the aliens held in Russia.Most of these experiments differed little from ordinary seance, in which invisible entities communicate with people by knocking or other actions.Of particular interest are the contacts conducted in anomalous zones and in the field of UFO landings.Here, the aliens are not just entering the telepathic communication, but also make their devices in bays in the sky above the audience.Cases of appearance and themselves aliens.


In 1992, an experiment conducted in the anomalous zone in the Urals participants of the research team.In it were two strong psychic, which amounted to an "energy backbone" of contact.One evening experimenters (total of 10 people, including psychics) sat in a circle and held hands.Other members of the group were in the side as observers.Contactors were mentally repeating certain phrases, causing the aliens to communicate.Soon, some of the participants fell into a trance.Later, one of the psychics said that in his head sounded the voice of an unseen alien pilot station, hanging in the sky just above them.The pilot announced that the purpose of his expedition - the study of people, as well as the flora and fauna of the planet.To contactees verified the reality of the situation, the stranger offered to someone from the earthlings to meet him near the night in the forest, 500 meters to the northeast.

Go volunteered Alexey P. The next night, when the brave went to a meeting with the unknown, psychics "tuned" to the "wave" Alexei, but "control" it was not possible: in parapsychologists much headache.Alex did not come back.In the morning he was found unconscious.the young man's body was in a strange round spots with navel hung an unusual build-up, like a section of a flexible tube.Very soon, this growth has fallen off.When Alex came to, it was found out that he does not remember anything of the night events.Only in a state of hypnosis contactee I could tell that the pale-gray five-foot creature with brilliant black eyes moved it through the air to his ship, where subjected to medical experiments.Alex died six months later in a hospital, according to the official conclusion - from heart failure.


recently spread through the world of sensational news: the Earth at high speed flying object three dimensions with tens of kilometers, which is estimated to have come here at the end of 2012.Perhaps this message is not true, but we already know about the two attempts to telepathically communicate with the crews of spaceships.In the US, such attempt was made by a well-known psychic Dr. S. Pollock, together with a group of psychics.Before they went repeatedly to communicate with aliens, and in a few cases in the areas of such experiments recorded UFO overflights.Late last year, Pollock and his team have established contact with some invisible entity, called the Vega messenger.Currently, the messenger is on a spaceship in the distant vicinity of the Earth and awaits the mentioned giant spaceships.

According to the alien, the human race on Earth about 70 thousand years ago, an artificially created Vegans.This is not the first such attempt.Over the past one and a half billion years Vegans several times "taken out" in the world of humanity, but each time the experiment ended abruptly in the early stages because of the harsh living conditions or a global catastrophe.And each time, to save his creation, the Vegans were forced to evacuate to other planets.The land then remained uninhabited hundreds of thousands and millions of years, until it once again did not appear conditions suitable for life of the human race.

On the eve of a new global catastrophe, that people will not be able to survive, the creator sent to Earth their ships for evacuation.Move it to a planet similar to Earth, where civilization will continue its development under the control of the Creator.However, on board "Ark" will be taken not all.There will be selection, in which will have no value nor nationality, nor health, but only a moral character of the applicant for evacuation.All except young children (they have priority), put to the test in the presence of some entity that will perform the role of "lie detector" or "Supreme Judge".The essence of this is able to in a few moments to determine what constitutes the people in moral and ethical terms.As a result of this kind of "Doomsday" will be saved about 80-100 million.The rest will be left to die on Earth.Regarding the upcoming catastrophe Run envoy spoke vaguely: she supposedly "brewing in the depths of the planet."

Invisible impart to people the sensational information about the universe and other worlds, prophesy, preach to comment here, as they say, are unnecessary.It remains for us to be patient and wait for 2012.Maybe the spirits, as has happened more than once, only to amuse and frighten, and no end of the world - at least in the coming year - will not.

As for ourselves telepathic contact with the aliens, then completely abandon them unreasonable.After all, if there is even a thousandth of a real chance to establish such contact, it means that there is hope to understand the things that are for us now - the secret behind seven seals.