Faith in God works miracles ( Obscure )

Not so long ago, scientists laboratory of neuro-and psychophysiology of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of neuropsychiatric named spondylitis have reported the sensational news.They managed to open the fourth state of consciousness that occurs under the influence of prayer ....Until now science knew three - wake, fast and slow son.Okazalos that during prayer our brain is immersed in the "infant", "baby" state when it seems to us, that we are fully protected and happy.Remember this blissful state?You are lying in bed and smile, because it's just the morning and you're happy.Near Mom and Dad, they will certainly take care of you because they love more than anything else.You know exactly why serene, cheerful and confident in the future ...

In the same "infantile" state, according to scientists, fall and believers in prayer.Only they do not rely on Mom and Dad, and to God.Due to this they have reduced the level of stress, normalizes blood pressure, heart pain disappear.The result - they get sick les

s and live longer.

The therapeutic effect of prayer associated with the temporary departure from earthly concerns, recognition of their insignificance in comparison with the eternal and immutable values.In cancer patients can lead as an example.Sincerely and for a long time reading the prayer, they no longer fear death, gain optimism and confidence in the future, overcome discouragement.All this leads to a completely objective increase immunity.And if the body's resistance to disease is growing, there is a self-healing.

But not all prayer is effective, and the only one that has been heard by God.What does it mean?Oddly enough, but the answer to this question is at physicians.According to them, a prayer heard by God - is that even for a short time, but completely removes us from life on earth.This is reflected in the disappearance or reduction of fast cortical rhythms biocurrents.And the greater this reduction, the deeper prayer dive.


We know that through the prayers of the holy martyrs and faith in God endured terrible pain and cruel tortures.Ambrose of Optina suffered incredibly heavy illnesses, from which, according to the doctors, he would have died within half an hour, if he were an ordinary man.Elder also lived 79 years.Yes, and I managed to amuse coming to him.Despite constant pain, he was cheerful and gave instructions to people in a simple and playful form, that they are easily and permanently remembered.Tolstoy after a conversation with the elder said: "This very holy man Ambrose.Talk to him, and it became easy in my mind, I felt the proximity of God. "

Schemamonk Nikita Valaam in the last years of his life, too, was suffering from terrible pain.Convinced that his approaching death, he gave up drugs.Only Jesus Prayer never left his mouth, and thanks to God.It escaped and facilitates their suffering.

Cambridge scientists have undertaken to study this phenomenon.How is prayer, meditation, and faith in God alleviate suffering?

The Center for the Study of the brain, researchers have collected twenty deeply religious people and atheists as well.Each of the participants in the experiment on the outside of the hand secured electrodes and allowed them little bits of electric current.During the test, the faithful offered to look at the icon of Jesus Christ, atheists - to "mill" picture Gauguin

.In the 20 minutes that lasted the experiment, each subject received twenty electrical discharges.But we took them all in different ways.

Those who looked at the face of Christ, to feel safe and not to worry, because they were confident that the Lord will take care of them.In this case the sensors have shown that they feel pain by 15% less than those who beheld Gauguin painting.

instrument that scans the brain, showed that the faithful lit up the right front part of the brain, indicating that inclusion of neural activity in pain modulation.In other words, they suppressed their mood and reduce pain.But atheists such a reaction was not the brain.

believers live longer!

Scientists from Toronto also documented differences in brain activity of believers and unbelievers.They carried out the test, which allows using electrodes to measure brain activity.

turned out that religious people significantly less activity in the anterior cingulate cortex - areas of the brain, changing our behavior under the influence of emotional experiences.Scientists were able to trace a clear correlation: the more religious zeal, the passive, this area of ​​the brain and the less mistakes people commit.

Canadian neurologists, summing line under its research, said that people who know how to pray earnestly, almost never experience the uncertainty and nervous disorders.They are less worried about the failures of life, less angry and frustrated, and always feel protected.And this, according to scientists, can already speak about the special features that appear in the human brain of the believer.


But why prayer has a direct effect on the brain?

Yes, because our language is made up of a certain spectral composition, a set of specific frequencies, amplitudes and combinations thereof.In this and built a prayer, which has much in common with music and meditation.

way, employees Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina (USA) promise that we will soon forget about the pain medication, because Meditation relieves pain better.

This is the conclusion they reached after a small study in which ten volunteers participated.Since none of them had never engaged in meditation, all the test subjects underwent rapid training: they were taught to control breathing and focus on abstract thinking.

During prayer our brain is immersed in the "infant", "baby" state when it seems to us, that we are fully protected and happy At the same time to the foot of each participant in the experiment was attached to a special machine heats the skin to 32 ° C, which resulted insubjects discomfort.To understand how all it reacted brain desperate volunteers, professionals helped with magnetic resonance imaging.

It turned out that after an hour of meditation activity in brain regions responsible for pain, decreased by 40%.While morphine and other analgesic drugs have an average of 25 percent effect.