Psychokinesis : when thought moves items

The Office of lawyer Sigmund Adam from the German town of Rosenheim from July 1967 to January 1968 there were supremely unusual phenomena.The first thing burned all the electrical fuses.Once the electrician to insert new, they again burned out.The cartridges each time turned out to be turned out on a quarter oborota.Cheharda start happening and adjacent to the office PBX.Sometimes I could hear telephone conversations, although no one was conducted.Rang all the phones, although no telephone ordering.Lamps and lighting tube burst in the presence of the power of Auditors.

lasted this mess for four weeks.The reception is well fortified Chancery glanced at the wall painting.The effort in this was so significant that the deformed fasteners.There were other more than strange events.Defective current meter - a device for measuring the current strength - became the "play tricks" is so important that at a current of 10 amperes, he recorded all 50.

objective audit showed that all parts of the mains were OK.Ever

ything that happens ought to be linked to some other reasons.To investigate hooked parapsychologist, who stated that "due to the electric current emission device registration we received objective proof of the existence of spontaneous psychokinesis."It was found that all the miracles occurred only when the employee was present at work law office Annemarie Shabelle.When she was on vacation, everything was in order.The culprit admitted that he was in a state of great inner tension.In her instructions counters work again normally.To do this, Annemarie was enough to see them.

analyzing this and other similar cases, the experts concluded that the "psychic powers may affect the matter."This impact is called psychokinesis.This term comes from the Greek word "psyche" which means "spirit" and "kinetikos" - "driving".Supporters of the reality of the existence of psychokinesis believe that this phenomenon has been known since ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible, particularly in the Acts of the Apostles.Parapsychologists believe that psychokinesis elements somehow could be present in the methods of imposing curses uttered by magical spells and magical effects of the weather.


psychokinesis sometimes manifests itself even more bizarre than in the case of Frau Shabelle.In 1927, the event was marked with thirteen teenager named Tibor.For the first time since it was showed.Tibor with his cousin went fishing.In the evening with a cloudless sky, next to the fishing rod cousin suddenly dropped a stone.After some time the young fishermen, frightened by what had happened, zasobiralis home.But on the way home they were accompanied by a real rockfall.Stones fell a lot.As a rule, they fell between the boys, without touching them.They are strictly falling downward vertically.It is interesting to see that falling rocks could be just behind, when they appeared out of nowhere in the air at a height of one meter.Some of the stones have reached the size of a human head.

Frightened boy fled.When they ran to the local restaurants, hail stones was like a solid wall.Tibor cousin ran into the room.When breath, they want to leave the restaurant, stones rained again.The guys came back, but the stones began to fall, and in the restaurant.Rang broken crockery.Employees windows closed shutters, but continued rockfall.It is curious that the stones were hot, but after some time suddenly disappeared.Without a trace.

Boys were asked to leave the restaurant.They ran home in terror, and all the way they were persecuted large stones.When they were finally home, around not only the stones fell, and began to move various items.They were in the air, even pieces of coal in the kitchen.Summer and minerals from the father's collection.After some time, this bedlam still stopped, though not completely.End unpleasant paradox came only when Tibor from this village went to his aunt.

Something similar happened in 1831 in Indonesia, on the island of Java, with some twelve year old girl.She was constantly harassed falling rocks - a stone rain.He pursued the girl, not only outside, but also in his own apartment.The stones fell to the feet of girls, but the harm it never brought.Weight of some of them reached nine kilograms.Stones fall set thousands.In appearance they were ordinary field stones.But when they were thrown into the creek, a few minutes later, they flew out of the water back.

Bremen something similar happened to fourteen pupil.As soon as he entered the company's building, where earned, there is certainly cracked crockery, which was out of stock.Many dishes.It causes great damage to the company, and she was forced to seek help from the police.It was found that the phenomenon every time associated with the arrival of a work accident child.It surveyed experts.It turned out that his relationship with his mother was very tense.A disciple of the company he was in addition to his own will, and this created additional tension.The result was obvious.

bending SPOON

Some people are able to master your psychokinetic abilities.An example is the Israeli illusionist Uri Geller.Even as a child, he noted that under the influence of his arrows glance hours can either speed up or slow down your movement.And once during a visit to the restaurant my parents had during lunch suddenly broke in half a spoon.In this case the neighbors spoons and forks, no reason, no reason began to bend, like plasticine.

Needless to say that all this hell very worried relatives and friends.But thirteen years Uri quite curbed his strange gift.This became even bring him tangible benefits.During the control of the work at school prodigy Fix your eyes on the best student in the class and read a ready solution to a difficult problem.He could read the thoughts and teachers.

Young Geller, concentrating his attention on any subject, he could just break it.I must say that these tricks require a great return of psychic energy.Already a world-famous illusionist Uri Geller in 1972 by an agreement with a number of newspaper reporters willpower brought down near Munich ropeway with powerful engines.On the drive mechanism suddenly flew fuses, and a cable car stop, but Geller himself fell into a deep swoon.

Uri Geller could train their abilities and others.One day, on the radio, he appealed to all participants, offering to take up part of the cutlery and try to bend it, concentrating his thoughts for this.British housewife Dora Portman reported that she responded to the call.In her hands was povarёshka.Suddenly, without any physical effort on her part became a spoon to curl, and the enamel on it - crack.Geller himself capable of bending and breaking away metal objects, mental influence to erase the tapes, to make objects disappear and appear again.

American Lawrence Kennedy, the former master of weaving, also undertook to teach anyone who wants the secrets of psychokinesis.He was a huge, up to 500 people of different levels of education and tendencies, the audience.But only seven passed the final exam, which consisted in bending spoons effort of thought at a distance.The greatest effect of bending spoons sought a retired engineer Marcel Vogel, after the mental impact that the original shape of the spoon it was impossible to establish.With an effort he managed even thought trehmillimetrovuyu cut steel wire.

endowed with the gift of psychokinesis people was bent not only spoons and wire in the experiments.Karen Getsli, for example, was able to bend the laser beam three-meter length.This experiment was conducted so that the results could be considered ambiguous.To do this, we monitor the temperature inside the laser and about him, measured parameters of air movement in the room, its humidity.And controlled by the mechanical vibrations and atmospheric pressure.

Himself Karen Getsli never up to what is not touched - either before the laser or to other instruments that are carried out measurements, or even be in the lab.The curvature of the laser beam under the influence of mind Getsli recorded in different instruments, including five recorders.The laser beam effort of thought was rejected four times in a row.

result that shocked the physicists.Head of the department, where the experiments were conducted, a physics professor William Eydson commented on the results of the experiment: "If we can learn how to deal with an unknown vacuum energy Karen Getsli, it will make a revolution in physics."