The Mystery of the Crystal Skull ( Obscure )

One of the mysterious crystal skulls of the ancient Maya, who is believed to have belonged to the personal collection of the Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, was discovered in March 2011, hidden under the roof beams of village houses, located near Munich in Bavaria, and this discovery immediately initiatedinterest from treasure hunters. MY SKULL Himmler

They believe that the artifact can be only part of the treasure that once belonged to the bloodiest functionary in Nazi Germany.

skull, which weighs about 9 kg, was found in the house of an elderly pensioner, formerly married to a high-ranking SS officer, and is now a Swiss journalist Luc Burgin, who told the newspaper Daily Mirror: «I'm 99 percent sure that it is one ofthe skulls of the Maya civilization, but we need clarity, and all the necessary procedures. "will be carried out to establish its authenticity

Himmler, was known to be obsessed with the ancient myths and legends, believed in the transmigration of souls (reincarnation) and often "tal

ked" with the ghosts of long-dead geniuses of the past.He considered himself a reincarnation of the mythical king of the Britons Arthur gathers knights of the "round table" that King Henry I, whose spirit supposedly appeared to him and gave instructions.

whole ideology of the SS led by him was based on the black stump.For example, the spring of 1942 three climbers-SS climbed Elbrus, the sacred mountain of Aryans.There they carried out a series of magical rituals and hoisted the flag with a swastika.All this was done with one purpose - to establish power over the elements.

His pedigree latter-day "masters of the world" were taken from the legendary giants - the founders of the Aryan nations.To find traces of these giants, as well as the crystal skulls and the Holy Grail, giving its owner the power over the whole world, Himmler sponsored numerous expeditions in the spirit of Indiana Jones adventures in all parts of the world, during which the German scientists were looking for evidence of "superiority" of the Aryan race

by the way, the British experts to the exit of the last of today, the fourth film about the adventures of Indiana Jones Professor of archeology, hunting for crystal skulls (to prevent the end of the world), in conjunction with exposing the publication.

In their view, found in the first third of the XX century in the jungles of British Honduras and is now stored in the Museum of the American Indian in New York City Crystal Skull, has called "Skull death" is a clever forgery!

The researchers argue that the skull is made from a single piece of rock crystal with a clear application of the drilling machine and the representatives of ancient civilizations such equipment could not be.Therefore Indian antiquity actually made a maximum in the XIX - XX centuries.

However, this is only one of the points of view of scientists on the origin of the "Skull of death."There are diametrically opposed conclusions.

«Those who carved it, had not the slightest idea of ​​crystallography and completely ignored the axis of symmetry.He was bound to fall apart during processing.Damn thing simply should not exist in the world. "

This is the conclusion of the expert mineralogist company "Hewlett-Packard", also studied the "Skull of death."

GIFT unknown civilization?

And this story began in 1927 when the English archaeologist FA Mitchell-Hedges examined the ruins of the temple of an Indian tribe in the ancient Mayan city Lubaantum.One day, he accidentally drew attention to the sun lighteneth object hidden under a layer of dust.As it turned out, he was a fractured skull altar, elaborately carved life-size piece of rock crystal and carefully polished.

Mitchell-Hedges determined that the skull belongs to the Indians, and gave it to the leader of a local tribe.But he politely refused and returned archaeologist discovery supposedly a sign of his gratitude and friendship.Subsequently, however, it became clear that the Indians believed the skull cursed and did not want to leave it at home.

On examination of the Crystal Skull Mitchell-Hedges found that in some places it translucent smoky spots and small "balls", as if the air bubbles, and the details, even the smallest, are executed with scrupulous accuracy.All together, this discovery gave weighing 5 kilograms 180 grams, has a height of 18 centimeters, and the width and depth of 13 cm, an impressive view of something living.And not just a living, and the dark, fatal!This fact gave rise to some investigators called the find "Skull death".

Returning to England and seeding for the archives, Mitchell concluded that the crystal discovery played an important role in the religious ceremonies of the Maya.It was one of those skulls, which were mentioned in the ancient legends of the Indians of Central America.

Mayan priests hours peering into them, sacrifices and magic rituals, asking for the death of their enemies and trying to help these mystical items to know the future, or to hear the prophecy.

Art restorer Frank Dorland, exploring the surface of the skull under the microscope, found that all the parts are cut from a single, whole piece of crystal without the use of metal tools.In principle, this in itself is surprising, since the crystal on a scale of hardness minerals is second only topaz, corundum and diamond.According

Dorland, polished surface of the skull and its parts were using silica sand and quartz chips, prepared as a paste, and polishing the entire surface of the skull parts and took at least 300 years!

however believe it is quite difficult.It is unlikely that the Mayan priests for several hundreds of years engaged in the manufacture of cult object, even having a number of magical properties.Most likely, the "Skull death" got them from representatives of another civilization, more powerful and more developed, which, among other things, controlled and accelerated processing of crystal technology.What was the civilization?It is anyone's guess.


Mandible "Skull death" slidably mounted in polished nests, and as set Frank Dorland, it is cut from the same piece of crystal as the rest of the skull.If the skull hang freely in the air, it is sufficient air flow or slight fluctuations, and the jaw starts to move, creating the illusion of human speech.

Also, if under the skull to place a candle, then the system of lenses and prisms make shine the eye socket, and then one will beat the thin rays of light!

is truly incredible, and the impact of "Skull death" for the people who come into contact with him.Skull has by some mysterious properties, which scientists determine the nature is not able to.

For example, according to the testimony of numerous witnesses, skull forehead sometimes clouded white fog, which first becomes noticeable some movement, and then begin to appear the picture of the future and the past.

sometimes comes from the skull strange yellowish light, like a ring of light surrounding the moon in a cloudless night.The researchers, for a long time is next to the skull, observed neurological disorders, exacerbation of olfactory, visual and auditory hallucinations.Skull hypnotic effect even skeptical people.

Many argue that being in the same room with the "Skull death" clearly heard "little silver bells chime, quiet but very clear" and "whispering and singing of several voices in an unknown language."

Looking at the skull, people see it as "other skull, high mountains, strange faces, different three-dimensional images, like flying saucers."

special interest "Skull death" various magicians and Satanists.So, once to Frank Dorland, who at that time was the skull came to the well-known founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, and said that the skull was created by the devil himself, and therefore belongs to the Church of Satan.Scientist in response Satanist gently pointed at the door, to which he, however, did not react.

Himmler sponsored numerous expeditions in the spirit of adventure of Indiana Jones in all corners of the world LaVey openly admired the skull, it examined closely and constantly stroked his hands and only then quickly said goodbye and left.A night in the house Dorland started this hell: moving furniture, banging objects, open and close the window that is constantly rattled and creaked in the attic.

Dorland on this occasion said that LaVey apparently during his visit gave the skull of its energy, which, faced with the energy of "crystal gizmos", and caused the house binge poltergeist!

«Box" with a secret

Despite the fact that "death skull", mainly associated with the Maya civilization, whether it is true - is not fully understood.For the most part, none of the scientists are still not able to say exactly in what country, in what period of time and how the people of the artifact was created.Speak only guesses.For example, this: the skull is home to Atlantis, and it is not less than 11 thousand years.More "down to earth" version - a skull, perhaps, is a portrait of the wife of the god Shiva is likely Kali, the goddess of death, and for tantric rituals with blood sacrifices.In recent years, the study of the Crystal Skull psychics do.They found that the skull changes color and degree of transparency, and sometimes suddenly surrounds himself with a 45-centimeter luminous halo.

from time to time by "Skull death" starts to come out with nothing comparable to the smell, which makes it close to the people unbearable thirst.When psychics fingers touch the surface in different places, they have the distinct feeling that heat, then cold, then some vibrations as if hidden inside the skull invisible energy source.

Specialists from the laboratory of the crystal structures of the American company "Hewlett-Packard" found that "Skull death" is made of a special type of crystal known as the piezoelectric silicon dioxide.That is from the same material that is used in modern electronic equipment - from watches to computers!

Therefore, scientists have suggested that the skull - a sort of supercomputer laid him invaluable information that we can not use it!

number 14

Returning to the German discovery, it should be noted that in addition to a crystal skull in a hiding place in the attic of the house of the widow of the former SS officer was yellowed from time to time a piece of paper containing a list of 35 pieces of art that Hitler and Himmler ordered take outBerlin in April 1945.

At number 14 it appears: "Crystal Skull.Collection Rana, N 25592, dead head of crystal, colonies of South America. "(As you know, Otto Rahn was a recognized authority in the field of archeology and was a member of the Nazi institute "Ahnenerbe" ( "Ancestral Heritage»).

Among other items on the list is such a famous work of art, as the "central Ghent altar panel" from the Holy CathedralBavo in Ghent, Belgium, which during the second world war, was moved from Belgium to Germany and never returned, as well as a number of ancient Egyptian artifacts, forever lost to mankind, according to scientists.

in addition, the list shows the secretdevelop a German general - expert superweapon Hans Kammler, secretly transported shortly before the end of the war of the Augsburg and hidden in the dungeons Strakonice - city in South Bohemia, and the location of "personal gold reserves" of Adolf Hitler, hidden in the Chiemsee lake bottom in Bavaria and, incidentally,discovered there in 2001.

Luc Burgin, familiarize themselves with sensational inventory, he told Swiss magazine Mysteries, that "if the parchment is real, then, despite all the skepticism, we are dealing with one of the historically most ardent German lists treasuresThey were hidden at the end of the second world war! »

Now you only have to check the authenticity of the document.Like myself crystal skull ...