Deja Vu - a reminder of the brain , the memory of past lives ?( Obscure )

Do not become scared you when you are faced with the phenomenon of deja vu?More recently, driving through one of the towns of the Moscow region, which I certainly never was, I suddenly felt that I was in familiar places ... And somehow I felt uncomfortable, there was a sense of insecurity and uncertainty and fear for his daughter.

I know you?

Hardly there is a man who at least once did not experience this strange sensation.Vague memories, elusive and very brief, relating to the past, which can not be associated with any event of your life.What is it - already seen by sleep or play our memory?

phenomenon of deja vu - a phenomenon very little studied by modern science, despite the fact that this term was first used in the late XIX century, French psychologist Emil Buarakom.«Déjà vu» from the French "déjà vu".Until recently, this phenomenon is artificial, as an experiment, did not even try to play, because the scientists did not know, so that it arises.A recent study by American scientists have found

that the occurrence of the deja vu effect meets a certain area of ​​the brain - the hippocampus.It is here that contains specific proteins that are responsible for the immediate recognition of images.In this study, even determined the structure of cells in the brain, which contains "a kind of" snapshot "of the project of any new place, in which we find ourselves."And the question arises - it turns out that the brain has programmed everything in advance ?!

deja vu phenomenon attributed to manifestations of false memory - the brain, or rather, in certain areas, there is a failure, he begins to take the unknown to the known.For false memory allocate their age peaks when the activity of this process is most pronounced - from 16 to 18 and 35 to 40. The first spike is due to emotional expressions of adolescence, the ability to acutely and dramatically respond to events, lack of life experience.Man appeals for support to fictitious experience, fishing it out of false memory.The second peak also accounted for turning age - this is the so-called mid-life crisis.But in this period moments of déjà vu - this moments of nostalgia, regret the past, the desire to return to 20 years ago.This effect can be called "blende" memory, because the memory can not be true, as alleged, the past seems like an ideal time, when everything was perfect.

But psychiatrists classify deja vu as a mental disorder, if it appears too often and has the character of hallucinations.Incidentally, in some diseases of the brain, such as epilepsy, deja vu phenomenon occurs several times more common than in healthy people.Doctors say that the disorder of memory frequently observed in people suffering from a variety of memory defects.If deja vu becomes a problem haunts man and prevent him to live, it is better to ask for help to doctors.

Another version of parapsychologists have: it connects the effect with reincarnation - transmigration of the soul after death into another body indefinitely.Of course, classical science does not accept such an explanation, because it is at the level of a person of faith, it is impossible to explain the multiple facts.

I know what will happen?

Somewhere very close to the deja vu is a phenomenon of intuition.Everyone would like to have it.Science considers only intuition as the ability to unconsciously make the right decisions in everyday life, in work, in the crucial moments of life.Intuition predictions, researchers do not consider at all as predskazatelstvo - again parapsychologists sphere of activity.Scientists have studied and described only professional intuition, a kind of "sixth sense", characteristic of a particular person in the course of the study (the scientists), diagnosis and treatment (doctors), the correct direction of the experiment (the investigators) or education (for teachers).Professional intuition relates to the field of decision-making, it can be a result of the beautiful possession of his profession, and the natural predisposition to a certain type of activity.Intuition - more characteristic of the person of a particular person, it is more understandable from the point of view of science than the phenomenon of deja vu.

way, there is a phenomenon, the opposite of deja vu.This "Jamet vu» - «jamais vu» from the French "never had seen."Condition when a person is in a familiar environment feels that he has never been here.

In general, it is clear that the déjà vu - this particular memory disorder that is associated with certain biochemical changes in the brain.It can not deliver strong unpleasant emotions, causing a short-term emotional stress.On the contrary, a person can pursue and interfere with his daily activities.What lies beyond human understanding, always scares us.Who knows, maybe your own body warns us or remind us of any changes in the brain?