Tip from the dead ( Obscure )

February 13, 1936 under the bridge, located between two small Italian town of Ciano and Katantsano was found the body of 19-year-old Giuseppe Verardi.The body was only underwear and other clothes in disarray lay nearby.Police Ciano came to the conclusion that Giuseppe made this statement samoubiystvo.K authorities relatives and friends of the young man reacted very skeptical.Not to mention the lack of Giuseppe any motive for such a desperate act, found on his body serious damage could hardly be the result of a fall from a height of 10 meters on the soft, grassy ground.But be that as it may, the verdict of the police no one to challenge, and the case was closed.However, a few years later it received absolutely incredible sequel.

January 5, 1939 17-year-old Maria Talarico, never knowing nor Giuseppe, nor his relatives or friends, went with his grandmother on that same bridge.Suddenly she stopped, staggered, fell and lost consciousness.Grandmother and people find themselves close to the hands of Mary carr

ied home.Soon she came to her senses, but she no longer was Maria Talarico.Low, clearly a man's voice, she said that she - Giuseppe Verardi.


Restless spirit has gotten Giuseppe Maria.First of all, he ordered her to compose a letter to his mother, who, as it turned out, was written by a hair's breadth own handwriting Giuseppe.Then the spirit of the girl forced to play the whole performance, reproducing the events of the fatal night, caught up in the life of a young man last.Spirit demonstrated in the evening a real live Giuseppe drank wine and played cards.Obeying the spirit, Maria drank more and more wine, while being itself, she had been drinking for a meal unless one glass.Then the spirit depicted a fight ensued between Giuseppe and the rest of the players, which probably took place on the bridge.

The next day Mary came to see the mother of Giuseppe and spirit immediately recognized her and told about all the injuries found on the body of her son.Moreover, the voice of Maria Giuseppe killers called names.As it turned out, some of them have already left Ciano.

same evening, Maria, still possessed by the spirit of Giuseppe, went to the place of the unfortunate young man's death.There she undressed and went under the bridge - it is there in the same position in which the body was found by Giuseppe three years ago.A few minutes the girl lay still, then shivered and seemed to be awake.She again became Mary, but that was it for the previous two days, did not remember anything.

In 1939, the Italian press wrote a lot about this amazing event.His researched Ernesto Botstsano known Italian psychologist and psychiatrist at the time.According to the results of his research scientific report was published in 1940.


The city of Oak Park (Illinois, USA), was killed by 24-year-old nurse Karin Ann Phillips.The tragedy occurred on October 3, 1980, and the next day in the morning the police officers investigating the crime, visited the mission of "Good Neighbors," where there was a hostel for offenders who have served their sentence and released to freedom.At that time, the investigators had no information on possible participants and the motives behind the crime, and they looked to the mission in any case.There they met Steven Linscott, 26-year-old theologian student from a local college, who worked in a mission in their free time.And when the officials told the students about the purpose of his visit, he remembered the nightmare, dreamed it last night, and after some deliberation decided to inform the police about it.And he dreamed of a young blond woman who was beaten to death."I suddenly thought, - said later Stephen - that maybe my dream was a vision of real events, sent down to me from above, and that, telling the police about it, I will help them catch criminals and thereby fulfill the will of the Lord."

Son Steven vividly interested detectives, Robert and Robert Saen Grego, and they questioned him in detail about the young theologian.And those wanting to be as useful as possible, remembered and reported what he saw such details of the crime a dream that finally the police detained him as a suspect and taken to the police station.In early November of the arrested Stephen turned to the prisoner, and he was charged with murder.

Despite the fact that, apart from the story of the "prophetic" dreams, against Stephen was no evidence at the scene and did not have his fingerprints, the jury recognized the simple-minded and talkative theologian guilty.The court's decision - 55 years in prison - literally left him in shock.

Steven spent in prison for three years, after which the Illinois appellate court found innocent guy.But the real killer was never caught.


Mary Kusett from Peoria, Illinois, was gone in one day in April 1983.Soon the police came to the conclusion that the 27-year-old woman is no longer alive, and on suspicion of murder arrested a close friend of Mary, Stanley Holliday.But as Mary's body was not found, it can not be formally confirmed dead and, therefore, was formally charged HOLIDAY.

After all attempts to find the body of Mary Kusett failed, Madison County authorities have decided to seek help from a well-known in the district psychic Greta Alexander, a resident of the city of Delavan.Choose from the things she Meri several items, Greta has done them a series of manipulations, weird and absurd from the point of view of common sense, and then gave details where to find the body of a missing woman.

Steven Linscott got 55 years in prison for a dream "She killed, and you will find it on the river, near the waterfront, near the bridge.I see that not far from the motorway.What kind of a role in your quest to play church and salt.The body is not part of the head and legs.The head is close to the body.Around him are the leaves.The body finds a man with an injured hand.To him has to do with the letter "C". "

November 12 police assistant Steve Trow, who after being wounded left arm bent at the elbow, found the remains of Mary Kusett near the waterfront near the bridge over the river Makinou, half a mile from the business owned by the estate of the church.After the bridge, across the river, passes the highway, along which there are the salt warehouses.The body lay in a shallow grave, strewn with dry leaves.On the left leg of the corpse was missing a foot, and the skull, apparently gnawed-off animals, lying about three meters - four from the pit.

Detective William Fitzgerald of Antonov told reporters that the 22 signs and the characteristics declared Greta, "hit the mark."And Greta added:

¬ęThis poor woman really wanted her body was found.The soul of man never dies, she continues to live.And her heart was telling me: "Here I am, here I am.Find the same to me! ".