The phenomenon of the southern Urals

on the territory Taganayskogo spinal array acts a force which holds the mysterious experiments on human consciousness.

As the head of the Ural Expert Commission on anomalous phenomena (AP UEC) Alex Comana, information about another unusual case of human exposure to the territory Taganay received a commission from the Kyshtym tourist Dmitry.In his letter, a citizen reported that traveling on the slopes of the ridge, he decided to spend a few days in an abandoned forester's lodge."On the cordon did not find anyone, but three wild hungry cats.On the second night, some force pulled me out of sleep.Moreover, I woke up from that dramatically fled cats (they slept together with me).Then I was transferred several times, incomprehensible to me, in different places, and each time I put in different situations and watched my actions.As soon as it became clear exactly how I did - I was transferred to another location and situation.I see no reason to describe them all, except to say that it could not be a dream.

ended all that in front of me were three men, and for the first "test" started to say something to me.But since I do all the arbitrariness with me rather tired, I interrupted them, not listening, began to shout, "Who are you, what you need, fuck off."They fell silent and my eyes began to transform.First, from the bodies of disappeared clothes and skin then dissolved meat.I do not remember how, but there were young calves and then they started to turn into a shapeless creature, which I can not even describe.In general, I lost consciousness and fell to the floor, "- said Dmitry.Soon tourists came to and left a mysterious house.

While experts can not clearly identify this anomaly."Of course, Taganay is one of the centers of anomalous phenomena (not just met UFOs, Bigfoot, gnomes, recorded geopathic zone hronoanomalii), but it is of such a phenomenon Taganay I heard for the first time.It seems that Dmitri really undergone some unknown influence.After all, usually all fantasy based on precedents, people are not always able to come up with something original.We definitely will investigate this case.Congresses in place, try to find other victims and witnesses of this impact.The main question - who and for what purpose it has an impact, "- said Alexey addicts.