Masks show in Venice ( traveling the world )

Some historians believe that the carnivals invented by the ancient Romans, and that at the heart of fun filled activities are Roman Saturnalia - spring festivals in honor of the god Saturn.These days erased social dimensions: the slaves during feasts sat at the same table with their masters and masters ridiculed.There is also a hypothesis that the carnival emerged much later, in the Christian era, and it was celebrations before the start of Lent.

all masquerade!

Venice Carnival - the oldest in existence: the first mention of it belongs as much to 1094.The show begins at St. Mark's Square.At the amusement of the audience specially trained dogs were fighting bulls, after they ran out into the square acrobats, jugglers, clowns and dancers, and late at night, on the water, to arrange fireworks.So that everyone can feel at ease and freely, forgetting about propriety and class prejudices, the Venetians invented masks.The peak of the Venetian carnival reached in the XVIII century.The whole month of Venice

residents hid their true faces behind the masks: they went to the market, were at the trials, fought duels and fell into the arms of lovers.With a carnival mask on her face could express anything at the usual time you carefully concealed, and remain unpunished.

from the ship to the ball

Like many centuries ago, this February the next carnival will begin at the central Piazza Venezia.From the bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Mark's fly off paper dove, and the city is filled with thousands of Columbine, Pierrot, Harlequin.Discharged locals and tourists, sitting in the gondola, take a boat parade.Main feature of the modern carnival - private parties.In ancient Venetian palaces are held balls, masquerades for the elite, by invitation only.Ticket can be obtained from friends or buy for a fortune - 300 - 500. But the event is worth it.On balls attracts the rich and famous people from around the world, all - luxurious historical costumes.In the suit of Columbine, for example, usually takes up to 15 m of matter!And these are specimens of the medieval fashion of more than $ 10 thousand.Incidentally, the balls act tough dress code: no costume and mask will not be allowed for anything.

How to get on holiday

options to visit the carnival a few.Wealthy citizens of the book the best hotels of the city for the year ahead and watch the colorful crowd from the balcony of their suite rooms.The easiest and cheapest way for ordinary tourist - drive into the city for a day, and leave things in a cheap hotel in Rimini or another resort, empty this time of year.But remember that those who want to be typed at least another 100-150 thousand.Therefore, traffic congestion and a sea of ​​people in the narrow streets, you are guaranteed, as well as astronomical prices.

What must be done at the carnival

• Acquire suit.Carnival costumes, from simple masks to eye-popping outfits for one or several days can be booked on the Internet at cost depends on the complexity of the dress.To order it is necessary to advance, and you can pay on the spot.

• Try hot chocolate and sweets in an elegant café Quadri on St. Mark's Square - this is one of the traditions of the Venetian carnival starting from the XVIII century.From the windows of the cafe you can admire a view that will take place in the square.

• Ride on the gondola.It is worth twice more expensive than ordinary days but also experience twice.

most exciting activities carnival

Ball, dedicated to the opening of the carnival, held in Ca'Zanardi, the palace of the XVI century.The program - live classical music, operetta Pergolesi, dinner.

Ball gondoliers in Ca'Zanardi.At midnight it will be arranged all the gondoliers singing competition present at the ball.Then - dancing until dawn.

official and most famous masquerade Venetian carnival takes place in the palace Pisani-Moretta, located on the Grand Canal.Do not forget the historical carnival costume!

Valentine's Day in Ca'Zanardi Palace.The most beautiful and romantic couple will receive a prize.

Ball "Secrets of Venice" in Ca'Zenobio Palace.This is one of the most beautiful ballrooms in Venice: painted ceilings and gilded moldings will delight anyone.Masquerade Ball will plunge into the atmosphere of fun and fabulous wealth of ancient Venice.