Travel to the Vatican ( world of travel )

Vatican has collected a lot of attractions - the temples, palaces and forts, which are in harmony with the surrounding gardens and parks.On this earth sometime during the reign of Emperor Nero was antique circus and a large garden.Later, the Vatican became the center of ecclesiastical power of the world and offers a look at one of the largest collections of art masterpieces and arhitektury.Vo the Middle Ages the city was founded here Citta Léonin, which began in the 14th century turned into the residence of the Pope.The entrance to the Vatican is a large area of ​​St. Peter, which is created based on sketches by the architect Bernini in the 17-18 centuries.The area is large (240 x 320 meters) and it is framed by colonnades, one of which (Colossal) has four rows of Doric columns, on top of which are the statues of the saints and disciples.On the square you can see two fountains by Maderno and a fountain in the 17th century, as well as an obelisk 35 meters high, which is brought here from Egypt, the Roman

emperor Caligula.The top of the obelisk is framed by a golden ball, which is hidden in the urn with the relics of the church.

walk along the colonnades can get to the Basilica of St. Peter, built in the 15-17 centuries, which is one of the largest Catholic churches of the world.At the site of the temple once stood the Basilica of Constantine.The cathedral was rebuilt and often participated in this well-known masters such as Raphael, Michelangelo and others.Now the building is the papal altar with a canopy of bronze about 30 meters high.Here you can see a large number of masterpieces of art and relics.Under the altar of the cathedral and carried out archaeological excavations were discovered the ruins of a Roman cemetery.Near the cathedral (right of the altar) are burial place of popes.

If you move from the cathedral to the north, you can admire the famous Chapel "Sistine Chapel", in which there are frescoes by Michelangelo's famous, as well as the work of other famous artists such as Botticelli, Perugino, Roselli and others.

the north of the Vatican is the Papal Palace, built in the 15-16 centuries.Here are a few dozen of the palace buildings, which have a large number of rooms, suites, chapels and museums.The official residence of the Pope is the Palace of Sixtus V. In the main rooms (Borgia apartments from the station) you can see works by Raphael.Also here is the papal library, which contains valuable manuscripts and rare books.