Island of the Gods Bali ( travel the world )

zigzag gait

first impression of Bali - another planet!Unusual people, amazing their customs and rituals.Seeing the elegant procession on the street singing and dancing people, no doubt - this is a funeral.According to Hinduism death - a step toward a new life, reincarnation.Therefore, at the funeral of the Balinese funny.By the way, the ceremony takes place literally on the run - the process is moving very fast and zigzags.And all in order to confuse the evil spirits.

Good monsoons

High season in Bali - from August to November.Australians, Europeans and Americans come to the island in August, when dry and cool, the Russians also like to relax in the late autumn and winter, during tropical monsoons.But even rains in Bali with good manners.A half-hour warm as soup, heavy rain, - and then the sun shines bright.


All popular places are located in the south of the island.Nusa Dua - a luxurious resort, a kind of tropical Versailles, especially beloved by Russian tourists.For a barrier to th

e protected cape lined up the best representatives of the hotel business - "Sheraton", "Hayat", "Hilton".Prices are appropriate: for example, three hours in a luxury SPA will have to pay almost $ 300.The same procedure outside the Nusa Dua costs around $ 60.A reasonable choice for budget travelers - the city of Kuta comfortable modern hotels, many clubs, discos, cafes and restaurants, shops and affordable SPA-complex (!).

on the island more than 3000 temples dedicated to gods and spirits (Balinese equally respectful apply to the Hindu pantheon, and to the spirits of ancestors and nature of the forces).Temples are built in every village, in every rice cooperative in every home.And everywhere your Othell - the day of birth of the temple, which according to tradition, celebrate the offering of gifts (flowers and fruits).Besides the sacred, in the Balinese have also "civil", but unusual for our holidays: for example, the first step of a holiday (celebrated on a specific day after birth), first tooth, and so on: the whole life of the Balinese painted literally by the minute!Not surprisingly, the fun does not end here, day or night.

What to do in Bali

• See the fantastic Balinese temples.The complex has 22 Besakih temple is the main shrine of the island.Religious ceremonies are still made in the megalithic era.Then the temples are built one above the other, it is now a forest of pyramidal roofs.No less important Tanah Lot temple, situated on a steep cliff, which at high tide it becomes an island.The temple was built in the XI century.When the ocean recedes, at the foot of the cliff opened caves in which live the sacred serpent.It is important to get to the Tanah Lot at sunset: knowledgeable people say that this is one of the most impressive sights in the world.

• See the Balinese sacred dances.Barong - a dance-performance, dedicated to the spirit of the forest.Artists in frightening masks and colorful costumes act out scenes from the "Ramayana" (Indian epic).This dance is a sacred character: it is believed that if the village began illness or dies rice harvest - it's time to dance Barong.This Barong actors fall into a trance, travel the same view (you can see it every night in the town of Ubud) - a memorable and unusual spectacle.Kechak (fire dance) accompanied by throat singing thirty men sit in a semicircle, the center played a scene from the "Ramayana".

• Rafting on the mountain river.

• Ride on elephants and make sure that these intelligent animals can even draw.

• scuba diving or snorkeling.Explore the underwater world of the Indian Ocean offer is literally on every corner.

• Try the local cuisine.The restaurants on the beach is very tasty cooked fish, and in the mountains is considered a specialty suckling pig on a spit.