Chinese holiday Duan ( World Travel )

Holiday Duan is one, because it appeared more than two thousand years ago, the oldest Chinese celebrations.It is traditionally celebrated in China, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (usually it happens in June) .Istory origin of this holiday there are a few, but most of the links it with the Chinese poet Qu Yuan.This poet lived and worked in the Duchy of Chu in the Spring and Autumn period (this period was from 770 to 476 BC).At the time, constantly attacked Chu principality principality Qing and poet tried to give the government advice on how to confront the enemy.These tips have not been taken and Qu Yuan was expelled from the capital.It was in exile, he began to create, in his poems expressing homesickness.When Qin conquered the principality in the war and captured the principality Chu poet broke down and threw himself into the river Milotszyan.It was just the fifth day of the fifth month.When people learned about the poet's death, many have gone to the river in hopes of finding the body of Qu Y

uan.To the inhabitants of the river do not damage the body of the poet, people were thrown into the river water products, and one person poured the rice wine.So there was a custom to hold the race on that day on the dragon boats, there zongzi and drinking rice wine.

Each year there are races on wooden boats with dragon shape.First distributed signal "start", and then the sound of drums rowers begin to paddle rhythmically towards the buoy.Scientific studies have found that these races were held in the Warring States period (he was from 475 to 211 BC).Then, these races have been started not only in China but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam.In 1980, these races were called the Chinese national sport and for winning them gives Qu Yuan Cup.

During Duan holiday cook and eat a special dish zongzi - steam cooked rice, wrapped in palm leaves, reeds or bamboo (they tie up colored threads of silk).As the filling is used in rice mashed beans, dates, meat, sausage or egg yolk.If you do not want to bother with cooking, you can buy this food at the store.Eating zongzi not only in China but also in Korea and Japan.

During the festival decided to give children the bags of herbs, which are strung on silk thread, which has five colors.These pouches can be worn around the neck or attached to clothing.The Chinese believe that these bags are distilled off evil spirits and do not give a sick person.