10 of the most secluded hotels in the world ( World Travel )

On the ground, there are still a place for a comfortable stay in complete isolation from civilization and the world.Russian Forbes published a list of the most secluded hotels mira.Eti hotels are located on a remote island or in the wilds of Scotland, Iceland, Chile and Peru.In many of them no TV or Internet, or cellular.But there is a pristine and untouched nature, wins the heart of the traveler.

the first place was the tiny island of Petit St.Vincent area of ​​only 0.4 square meters.km., which is part of the Grenadines archipelago and is located in the south-western part of the Caribbean.

To get here, you need to fly to Barbados, then fly to Union Island, and then another 40 minutes by boat.This is private property, and nothing but the resort of the same name, it is not: the only inhabitants of the island are about fifty employees of the hotel.Along the 3-kilometer-long white sand beaches scattered 22 cottage where no phones, no TVs.Communication is carried out using bamboo poles, installed at each

cottage, which can raise a red flag (meaning "do not disturb") or yellow (needed staff).The same flag poles are placed across the island.The hotel is open from November to the end of August.The cost of cottages - from $ 850 per night (all inclusive).

second place Scottish hotel The Garvault Hotel.Its owners call their hotel "the most remote hotel in the UK": the holder of the prestigious title was determined by the maximum distance to the nearest competitor.From The Garvault to the nearest hotel - about 40 km away, while the nearest supermarket - 80 km.There can be the only guests: autumn and spring the hotel for weeks no one there, and from November to March The Garvault can stand empty and a couple of months.

The hotel has 8 small rooms with shower or bath, living room with fireplace, a bar with a fine selection of whiskey and the dining room, which serves simple and hearty Scottish food, such as onion soup, roast venison and of course, haggis with mashed swedes and potatoes.The main entertainment of guests - a walk in the nearby hills and moors, and fishing on Loch Rimsdeyl where the usual salmon and lake trout.The cost for one night - from £ 65 per person.

Third place went to the Chilean Hotel de Larache.This small hotel is located at an altitude of 2500 meters in the driest in the world, the Atacama Desert, near the town of San Pedro.The hotel specializes in outdoor activities and offers more than 50 different tours - every evening the guide announces the 7-14 options available the next day: hiking or horseback riding in the surrounding area with salt lakes and lunar landscapes, hiking in the mountains to conquer the top of Toko (5604 m) and the crown (5291 m) and on licancabur volcanoes (5916 m) and Sairekabur (6010 m).

At night you can visit the observatory available immediately: desolate Atacama is considered the best place in the southern hemisphere to observe the stars.Minimum length of stay - three days

from $ 3,840 for a double room.The price includes airport transfers, all meals and all daily excursions.

Icelandic Djupavik Hotel stands in fourth place.Village Dyupavik (eight houses and a gas station) is located on the rugged fjords coast of Greenland Sea in the north-west of Iceland.The population density in this region is about 1 person per 5 square meters.km., and the tourists get here rarely.

main attractions Dyupavika - crashed about 100 years ago, the ship "Sutherland", whose skeleton rusts on the shore, and a huge dilapidated fish processing plant, which closed in 1954 after a sharp decline in the herring catch.The former women's dormitory for the workers of the plant and is Djupavik Hotel.In its eight rooms, decorated in a cozy rustic style.Facilities, however, common to the floor, but there is a restaurant, which serves simple (mainly fish) dishes, and offers scenic views: on the one hand - the sea and the fjord, on the other - Haafel (791 m) to the waterfall,which is located directly above the village.

From here you can go further to the north, and take a dip in Krossneslauge - located directly on the beach pool with hot thermal water - or sit in Nordufordure the ship and go on a day trip to Hornbyargu, distant lighthouse on the rocky north coast of Peninsula Westfjords.

Get to Dyupavika of Reykjavik can be by car, it takes about 5 hours.In addition, once a week, on Mondays, from Reykjavik fly planes into the village Gegur - about half an hour drive from Dyupavika, and the hotel can arrange a shuttle.Room rates - from 7300 ISK per day (about 1980 rubles).

Italian Hotellerie de Mascognaz occupies the fifth place ranking.Maskonyaz - a village of a few houses, built in the XIV century valzertsami (German-speaking immigrants from the Swiss canton of Valais) on a plateau in the Italian province of Valle d'Aosta.To get here from the nearest resort of Champoluc is on foot (about 40 minutes uphill) or off-road vehicle, and in the winter - snowmobile.

This ancient stone chalet, which has seven rooms and a cozy lounge with a fireplace, as well as arranged in a former barn, decorated in wood floors Suite Monte Rosa Suite with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.Of all the rooms offer fantastic views of the mountain massif of Monte Rosa and the top of the famous Matterhorn, and around - the idyllic silence.The hotel's restaurant serves local dishes, such as pasta and fondue, and serving excellent wine, and in the hotel spa has a sauna, jacuzzi and gym.The main entertainment - mountain walks and trips to the tasting of cheese and wine in the neighboring villages, and in the winter - and even skiing.Room rates - from 230 a day.

Hotel Wasdale Head Inn., Which is located in the Lake District of England in the county of Cumbria, took sixth place in the list.The village Vasdeyl Head is at the foot of the highest mountain in England (Scafell Pike, 978 m) and on the shore of a lake in the country (Wast Water, 79 m).There is also the smallest English Church of St. Olav was born the world's biggest liar - so called himself Will Ritson, who was the host of Wasdale Head Inn for the second half of the XIX century, and loved to entertain guests fables (in his honor yearly international competition Worlds BiggestLiar on the best bike).

The hotel has 10 standard rooms, all furnished with rural thoroughness: a huge bed, a chair and a dresser with mirror

two-bedroom suites with living room and seven apartments with a kitchen.The restaurant serves specialties of lamb, there is a great pub.Standard room - from £ 59 per person per night.

affiliated with Relais & amp boutique hotels;Chateaux cozy Ecology Whare Kea Lodge & amp;The Chalet, which in New Zealand is in seventh place.It has only six rooms and it is in a secluded location on the shores of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand Alps, close to the National Park Mount Aspiring.Floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the mountains and the surrounding expanse of water make a continuation of rooms.

Among the activities offered by the hotel - a relaxing walk along the shore of the lake, fishing, golf in the neighboring town of Wanaka, or excursions to the wine region of Central Otago.This lodge is located between two of the best ski resorts in New Zealand - Cardrona and Treble Cone,.The hotel also owns a small chalet on two bedrooms in the mountains, from which panoramic views of the highest peaks in the country - Mount Cook in the north-east and to the west Aspiring.

The price of NZ $ 1400 for a double room includes breakfast, appetizers, snacks and a four course dinner.

entered the Chilean and another hotel in the top ten most remote hotels in the world.It Puyuhuapi Lodge & amp;Spa, located in one of the most beautiful places on earth - in Patagonia: thousands of islands, fjords, straits, mountains with snow caps, glaciers, rivers, lakes and pristine forests.The hotel, which took eighth place, is on the wooded shore of a small bay and can only get here by sea.It is located next to the thermal source, which heats 41 hotel room (hot water in the taps is also there).There are no televisions, cellular communication is absent, and there is only a slow internet in the lobby.

In 15 minutes by boat - Keulat National Park, where among strange trees roam Pudu (the smallest deer in the world), kulpeo (Andean fox) and wild cats kodkody, and the birds are not afraid of people, even the most exotic.The main tourist lure - huge glacier San Rafael, which is 7:00 through the narrow straits Patagonia Express catamaran hotel ship.

Rooms at the Lodge shall be composed of the stages.For those who are looking for absolute rest, there is a program Body & amp;Soul for four days (from $ 3,340 for two, four spa treatments per day).If you want three days reserved impressions for the year ahead, you can take a tour of San Rafael Lagoon (from $ 3080 for two people) with swimming to the glacier.

second Scottish hotel in the list, and the ninth location in the ranking - Colonsay Hotel, which is the island of Colonsay.This small two-storey hotel, built in the middle of the XVIII century, is a two-hour travel by ferry or 25 minutes by plane from the summer of the "big land".The island has a very broad sandy beaches, gloomy cliffs, small bays, lakes full of trout, and gardens where blossoming rhododendrons, primroses and yellow irises.The island has an area of ​​40 square meters.km population of just over a hundred people, but there are plenty of seals, wild goats and more than 150 species of birds.

Colonsay Hotel - the only hotel on the island.It has only 9 rooms, each of which bears the name of some of the local attractions: the beach, the bay, the fort or the Cape.The hotel has a gastropub serving the freshest oysters and langoustines, roast lamb, as well as local products, in a small corner of the brewery brewed real ales.Here you can go fishing, play golf, ride a bike, and at low tide to go to the neighboring island of Oronsay, to see the ruins of the Augustinian monastery of the XIV century.

Double room - from £ 85 per night.Get to Kolonseya possible from the port city of Oban, from the island ferry (six times a week in summer and three times a week in winter) and fly planes (twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays).Rounding out the top ten

secluded hotels Refugios del Peru.This small hotel with 11 rooms (maximum 36 people) is located in the Peruvian Andes, 200 km from Lima, near the town of vinjak, at an altitude of 3190 meters above sea level.

Surrounded vast desert valleys and rocky smooth gray-green mountains.Each room has individual climate system, and the service is impeccable European, which is a rarity in these parts.

restaurant with glass walls, standing on the edge of a cliff, shows the world in all its beauty and treats the Andean-European fusion.The main form of entertainment here - many excursions: hiking, horseback riding (for children - pony) for Mountain bikes.Double room - from $ 158, the price includes all meals and excursions.