10 cities in which it is most advantageous to do shopping

Traveling around the country, as a rule, is not complete without shopping.Shopping - hobby of many tourists, but especially appreciated brought from a trip exclusive things.Equally pleasing herself walk to the shops or exotic markets - in fact, looking at torofey mined in this hunt can be long remembered as spotted thing, chose, bargained and finally drove home purchase.

Many travelers refers to shopping so seriously that they are ready to neglect a visit to the museum or visiting local attractions.Especially for those shopaholics Forbes Traveler magazine experts released their fresh rating.The hits have entered the city, where you can buy rare and the best luxuries.

Leather goods in Florence, Italy

Skill Florentine furriers was known in Roman times.The traditions of ancestors, fortunately, is not sunk into oblivion, and today in Florence, there are more than 2000 companies that produce high-quality leather goods.This Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Dior, Dolce & amp;Gabbana and many others.These shops

can be found in the center of Florence - close to the leather school del Cuoio, which is located in the monastery of Santa Croce.Another paradise for shopping - shopping center located in the south of the city.There products are well-known brands are sold at cheaper prices.

Antique Furniture: Kochi, India

Port cities have always been the center of trade.Kochi, located in Kerala - is no exception.This is the place in different years were the Portuguese, Dutch and British colony.Each of the nations, of course, left its mark in the Indian culture.Therefore, Kochi is famous for its furniture made in a lush colonial style.All purchases are made mainly in Ju Town Street.

Clothes made to order in London, United Kingdom

If custom tailoring compared with the portrait painting, the tailors a Row Saves - real Michelangelo.Since Henry Poole opened a studio in the middle of the 19th century., Other tailors followed suit, and in London's Mayfair, like mushrooms after rain, began to appear on tailoring workshops.Their products favorably with design as a tailor does not work on a template.Clothing is sewn in accordance with the client's physique and as a result sits perfectly on it, emphasizing all the advantages and hide figure flaws.

Pottery: Biezen, Japan

small number of residents Biezen, located in Okayama, - one of the six oldest cities in the country, known for its ceramic workshops.They potters produce collectible products for over a thousand years.Cookware and decorative items made from iron-rich red and orange clay.

Designer clothes: São Paulo, Brazil

Do not think that São Paulo - only a city that connects Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon.It is also a great place for shopping.In the fashionable Jardins district boutiques of the best designers in Brazil, such as such as Glória Coelho and Reinaldo Lourenço.In the world of fashion, they are on a par with Armani, Gucci and Versace.

Jewelry in Bangkok, Thailand

In the past 20 years, the Thais actively buy semi-precious stones that are mined in Burma Mines, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.Then created jewelry in large quantities are sold on Silom Road in Bangkok.However, the diversity of the prevailing here poses a threat: an inexperienced buyer to easily run into a fake.Thai authorities are advised to buy the jewelry only in stores with the logo of the club Jewel Fest: they sold exclusively certified products.In addition, members of the Jewel Fest Club undertake to return the money to the client, if he decides to cancel the purchase.

Gold and silver: Lima, Peru

Peruvian natives made artifacts of precious metals before our era.Today the capital's artisans still specialize in the manufacture of elegant silver and gold jewelry.Shopping is recommended to do in the Miraflores district.

Reproductions of paintings: Saigon, Vietnam

Once in 1986, Vietnam opened the border, local artists began to conduct experiments and learn the art of recognized artists - Van Gogh, Cézanne and others.But then hardly anyone could have imagined that the craving for art leads to the appearance on the market a large number of counterfeits of world masterpieces.Now Saigon artists can copy any picture, and it will cost an average of $ 200.

Carpets: Istanbul, Turkey

One of the largest covered markets in the world, which appeared six centuries ago, the Grand Bazaar today offers everything from spices and jewels to the water pipes.But a special place in the market occupied by Turkish carpets.They are presented here in a wide range, and compared with the Persian more interested in drawing and richer colors.

Watches: Geneva, Switzerland

When in 1541 the church banned the wearing jewelry in the Swiss goldsmith turned their eyes on the clock.Nearly five centuries later, a Swiss watch is an international quality standard.In Geneva, it is recommended to shop in the main shopping area of ​​the city - on the Rue du Rhône.Here the products of companies with big names - Patek Philippe, Bucherer, Piaget and Cartier.At present Swiss watches always written Swiss Made - it is a kind of guarantee of quality.