The most interesting places in Asia, associated with mystics ( World Travel )

In Asia, there are many places connected with mysticism and in this article you'll learn about the most interesting of nih.V Bhutan, in the province of Paro is a temple Dungtse Lhakhang, located on a hill.This hill is considered the body of the demon that keeps the temple (in addition, the structure holding circuit).The temple was built in 142 by a Buddhist monk.Mystical and mysterious kind of temple give its walls decorated with frescoes fearsome.In addition, in the church there is no lighting, so the frescoes cause real terror when the flashlight or torch light.However, before you get to the temple, you'll need to get on a tour of permission from local authorities.

Myanmar is Ananda Pahto temple, which was built in 1091 as a symbol of the Buddha's wisdom.The temple has a regular rectangular shape, and four Buddha statues are placed on top of it so that they look at different points of the compass.This statue, which looks to the west, is unique (a Buddha statue in the world is no more).Temple rebuilt

after the earthquake in 1975, which almost completely destroyed it.

Nepal is a land of Lumbini, which is considered the birthplace of Buddha (it even says on a plaque located there).There is a garden, where you can meet Buddhist monks and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the area.In addition, the local museum you can admire the Nepalese artifacts and unusual stamps with faces of Buddha.

One of the most mystical places in Singapore is an Armenian church.It is the oldest church in the area.It was built by the famous architect George Coleman, and is truly a masterpiece of colonial architecture.This beautiful snow-white church was built in the honor of St. George, who drew the Armenian people to Christianity.The temple was constructed by means of which donated the community of Singapore Armenians.Interestingly, the Armenian Church was the first building in the city, which is equipped with electric lighting.

In Thailand, there are sighs Buddha Temple, built in the 13th century by order of King Pa Yu, who wanted this place to bury the ashes of his father.The temple was built in northern Thai style.In the golden hall of the temple is a statue of Buddha sigh, which gave its name to the temple.

Another interesting place is the Singapore Temple of the Goddess of Mercy Kwan Him.Locals believe that the visit to the temple to bring good luck, and bamboo sticks it can predict the future.And all because the goddess had left her place in heaven and decided to help the ordinary people who are in need.Singapore residents believe that it is the protection of the goddess temple spared during the bombing of the Japanese pilots during the Second World War.Now the temple is a historical landmark, so it is very popular among tourists coming to Singapore.

in Nepal there is still an interesting place - the temple of the god Shiva.On the basis of this temple almost nothing is known.Legend has it that Shiva is lost at this point, the horn when he was a gazelle (he turned to her, when fleeing from the pursuit).This temple is worshiped every day thousands of pilgrims.

most mystical place is Hong Kong Taoist Temple Wong Tai Sin.This temple was built in 1921 in honor of the Chinese deity Ping Wang Chu.Legends tell that Wang Ping Chu was a shepherd, but after moving to Taoism learned to turn stone into a sheep.In addition, followers of Taoism believe that this deity is able to heal the wounds and to save from death, so the temple is very popular among people seeking treatment who visit it every day in the hope of healing from various diseases.

In Sri Lanka you can visit another interesting mystical structure of Asia - Temple of the Tooth.In this temple houses one of the most important relics of Buddhism - the upper eye tooth of the Buddha, who was taken from a funeral pyre.Before the Buddha's tooth kept in a casket, inlaid with precious stones (before 1990, the tooth was removed from the box only once), but now the monks are too afraid to steal this precious object, so all the processes in which it has a box used to participate.

In Malaysia, there are Blue Mosque mosque, which in 1974 laid the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz (as it was built from 1982 to 1988).This mosque is rightly called one of the largest mosques in the world, because its building can simultaneously accommodate about 24 thousand people.