Planet Places that are not worth visiting nervous tourists ( travel the world )

there in different corners of our beautiful planet a place where people can feel the adrenaline rush and tickle their nerves.In this article we will talk about some of nih.V US city of Philadelphia, you can take a tour of the Museum of History of Medicine, where you can see a variety of diseases, equipment for medical procedures and biological preparations.Also here it collected a huge collection of skulls of man.There is also a truly unique exhibits - the corpse of a woman, who, under the influence of the soil at the cemetery turned into soap, Siamese twins with a common liver, a child with two heads and other amazing objects.

In Micronesia, you can see the lagoon of sunken ships, which during the Second World War, most of the sea sank the Japanese Navy.At the bottom of the lagoon is a lot of remains as ships and aircraft.Many believe that the spirits of the dead live here Japanese sailors and pilots, but every year who want to see the remains of the wreck is growing.

In Mexico City, there is a marke

t of Sonora, whose traders are witches and sell various magical items - Potions, animals (frogs, iguanas and wild birds), the ingredients of potions and charms.For only ten dollars you can buy a love spell or potion for enrichment, as well as to know their future and cure some disease.There are very serious about magic, so be very careful when buying any magical gizmos.

One of the most mysterious places on the planet is the Chilean Easter Island.Here you can see the ancient stone statues, which people do not know anything.No one still can not say when they came here, how such a large block of stone has been processed and installed in the territory of the island, and who made them.

In the US state of Louise's is a mysterious swamp Manchac.Tourists are offered to swim through the swamp on a boat, which is particularly sinister aspect give long lichens hanging from the next growing cypresses.It is believed that this swamp was cursed in the early 20th century witch voodoo.Sometimes out of the swamp water on its surface float the corpses, and the howling sound is heard in the vicinity.But, a great danger to tourists are not corpses, or werewolves, and ordinary alligators.

not advise nervous to go to the Paris catacombs, whose walls are lined with skulls and human bones.Here blows dampness and you can read the inscription on the walls, made during the French Revolution.The catacombs are located under the entire area of ​​the French capital, but you can see only part of them.

In the city of San Jose, California State is the mysterious Winchester House, which is associated with many stories and legends.The house was built by the owner of a big company specializing in the sale of weapons of Sarah Winchester, who according to legend, was trying to hide it from the people of spirits, which sold its guns destroyed.Guides who lead tourists through the rooms of the house, claiming that there everywhere haunted.The atmosphere in the house is really depressing.

Also known stories about ghosts impasse Mary King, which is located in the old part of Edinburgh.There once was covered and left to die plague patients.Since then, the impasse is composed of a lot of horror stories, telling us about local ghosts, and since 2003 here were allowed to conduct tours for tourists.

In Sicily is the Abbey of Thelema, which is rumored to have been the site of satanic orgies under the leadership of the famous occultist - English writer Aleister Crowley.This abbey was declared a free zone of sexual relations, and every newcomer first night in the famous "Panic Room."The walls were covered with murals with images of heaven and hell, and the room itself was filled with smoke marijuana and opium.After the death of a famous Englishman's house was closed.Now he is in a dilapidated condition, but a lot of tourists every year come to see the still preserved frescoes.

also one of the places on the planet sinister is the Ukrainian Chernobyl, in which, after the fall of the level of radiation allowed to let tourists.You can take a tour of a nuclear power plant and look at the famous sarcophagus.Pretty uncomfortable in the ghost town of Pripyat, where nothing has changed since the evacuation of the entire local population after the accident at the plant.Also, you will be shown the abandoned cemetery technology.