What is required skin in winter?

should know that does not change seasonally skin type.However, under the influence of temperature change varies the density of sebaceous secretion, dilate or constrict the pores, which is a manifestation of the thermoregulatory function of the skin.Therefore, a special seasonal skin care is extremely important for its internal health and appearance.

What is required skin in winter?In winter, we try to wrap up all the parts of the body warmly as possible.Only the person is defenseless, and that it takes the brunt, prepared for the harsh winter.Therefore, in cold weather, our skin needs special protection - because she was suffering from the cold drying action even more than from the hot dry air in the summer.

It should be remembered that in the winter, our skin falls into a mini-hibernation, and all processes in the cells slows down.As you know, cell life is short, so we will have to take over the process of recovery or at least a process of prolonging life.

winter, we face a problem even with the app

earance of vascular "stars" on the face.And in order to prevent the emergence of "stars", well in advance to begin to strengthen blood vessels ... fitness and massage, which is very useful not only for the body but also the face.

In addition, the sebaceous glands in the summer working for a hundred, and on the skin forms a natural protective film that prevents it from losing moisture.In the cold, this process is terminated and the person does not receive the protection and the right set of nutrients, and why there is a feeling of dryness and burning.Our task - to create the most protective barrier on its own.In winter, we must engage in skin moisture, use more fat means and the opportunity to go to the beautician to humidification treatments, diet and massage.In addition, we can take the following measures.

30 minutes before going outside, if you have to walk down the street, take care of the skin of the shield and do not go out without the use of protective equipment.The basic rule - applied tool for 30 minutes before going out.Otherwise, the water contained in any cream, turned into harmful for the skin ice crystals.

A common mistake is to move in the cold season to the media for dry and normal skin, if you usually have it oily or combination.

During the cold season should be easy to add to the traditional means of special protective care cream from the weather.These creams are ideal protection from temperature changes and humidity, restore the protective properties of the skin and the support of all its features.

to face contact with the negative outdoor temperatures are not came as a shock to the skin, strengthen the inside of blood vessels.It is best suited for this purpose preparations based on algae, green tea, vitamin C

Salads from sea kale, green tea with lemon, hot cranberry drink reception Ascorutinum according to the recipe - all this will help you avoid troubles with advanced or bursting of the vial.

Decorative cosmetics can have not only aesthetic but also health benefits.So, today's creams contain special protective substances that protect from frost.Therefore, in the frosty time of year is best to abandon the loose powder to liquid.But it must be applied to the base cream that does not clog pores.For lips, use a fat lipstick, not moisturizing balm and gloss.

Usually it is winter, we think about torturing us skin problems and try to solve them all at once.But to begin to think about the cold should be back in the fall, possibly leaning on the "gifts of nature" and the supply of vitamins.If this period is missed, your assistants should be vitamin complexes and fresh juice (Fresh).

your winter table - almost pharmacy!Thus, the lack of vitamin D due to lack of sun, you can fill up with fish, eggs and butter.Vitamin A deficiency is recovering cod liver, lack of vitamin E -otrubnym bread and cereals.And yet, the winter is not necessary to "go on a diet": by dietary restrictions more harm than good.

Irreplaceable natural substances for winter are honey and olive oil.Not only can you use them inside, but also boldly applied to the face both together and separately.Olive oil can cope with even the most powerful skin peeling, which are powerless against all the expensive tools.

winter, as we have said, the skin recovers more slowly.And to help her get rid of dead skin cells and the dead return bright, vibrant color, you can choose the enzyme peels, for example on the basis of pineapple, grapefruit.

acidic fruits containing vitamin C and fruit acids exfoliate dead skin cells and promote the growth of new ones.A mask of avocado containing vegetable fats and vitamins - is a great nutritious and restorative care.