Exercises for the youth of your eyes

first warm up the skin.The following exercises will help to strengthen, tighten, revitalize and energize your skin.Well wash your face and hands, gather the hair and remove rings and earrings that they will not interfere.

«Amazing dream»

Close your eyes and raise your eyebrows up, as if you are something surprised.Count to five, then lower the eyebrows.Repeat for 30 seconds.


tapping his fingers on the face, as if you are playing on the drum.Start your movements with the nose area, gradually rising to the outer edges of the eyebrows, go to the middle of the forehead.Then the same movements Coming through the middle of the forehead to the temples.

Go to the chin area.Start with his middle finger and walk across the jaw line.Complete with light circular movements in the cheeks.Repeat each movement for 1 minute.This three-minute massage will revitalize the complexion and improve skin elasticity.

Exercises for the eye muscles.

«What, where, when?»

Rejuvenation eye.Eyes open, look

straight ahead.On the count of "one" look up at the expense of "two" - down.Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds.Then look to the right, to the left.Strong zazhmurte eyes for a few seconds, then open as widely as possible.Pause for 20-30 seconds and repeat 5-7 times again.


Close your eyes, do the circular motion of the eyes to the left, up, right, down, and then repeat in the opposite direction.Movement should be done at a slow rate, 5-10 times in each direction.After that, a little pat fingertips eyelids, open your eyes and take a quick 15-20 blink.


flashes rapidly for 1 or 2 minutes.Then take a look at the fingertip, delivered at a distance of 20-25 cm on the nose level.Repeat 7-10 times.Those who wear glasses or lenses, exercise can be done without having to remove them.

After exercise, close your eyes to rest for 1-2 minutes.Then, with light circular movements, pat massage the eyelids for 1 or 2 minutes.The three fingers of each hand to easily click on the closed eyes, and after a few seconds of their release.

These simple exercises well strengthen the eye muscles, give rest your eyes, relieve fatigue and stress conditions, and has a calming effect on the nervous system.They are a good prevention of diseases associated with the violation of intraocular pressure