Skin Care after 45 years

At this age, feelings about aging skin to fit the highest point.But that's only tears grief does not help, rather, completely spoil the appearance.So it is better to pull yourself together and do everything that others were amazed at your mature beauty and love of life.

hardest thing - to overcome the psychological barrier, to feel comfortable in his age.Just a few minutes, focusing your appearance (and not the kitchen), health care (but not in the form of tablets) will give you confidence.Simply put, sometimes the first is to make a mask, and then look in the mirror and understand why it did.

Along with the aging of the whole body and skin aging.Metabolism decreases, skin nutrition worsens it.Subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner.The elasticity of the elastic fibers of the skin decreases, and it becomes more loose.Functions of sweat and sebaceous glands are weakened.After 45 years of the sebaceous glands release 3 times less fat than in his youth.As a teenager, you've been dreaming about it, and now

find themselves completely unprepared for such a "trick"!

"Sometimes it is necessary first to make a mask, and then look in the mirror and understand why it did."

All skin layers become thinner.Therefore it must become to observe the following rules:

- cleansing, double moisturizing (morning and evening), skin nutrition, loss of moisture protection

- observance of the regime of the day, sleep, nutrition, etc.

- gymnastics

-..regular imposition of nutrients and bio-stimulating masks

- perhaps a course of hardware cosmetology

- removing special attention to the protection of the skin

- the use of creams with bioactive components, hormones for 10 days a month

- to slow down the aging process can be received adaptogens (ginseng,Siberian ginseng, Chinese magnolia, golden root, etc.)

-. self-massage.

oil for skin rejuvenation and lifting the mood

Lavender oil - 10 drops of jojoba oil - 30 drops of glycerine oil - 10 drops of castor oil - 60 drops.

Apply the oil before going to sleep on the massage lines light 'hammered' movements.

Ingredients for skin care around the eyes

Myrtle oil - 1 drop glycerol -10 ml of castor oil - 10 ml.

Composition gently apply on the skin around the eyes and on the tip of the nose to the ears and below.Massage the skin towards the cheeks.Repeat this process every night.