Healthy and beautiful eyes

brilliant and radiant eyes - our main weapon.Sometimes only one languishing look to win.

eyes reflect the inner world of man, not for nothing that they say. "Eyes - the mirror of the soul"But the beautiful can only be healthy eyes, and they are subject to a variety of influences: wind, dust, smoke, sharp neon light, low light, the TV screen ... ray eye scatter years, joys and sorrows.Eyes sensitive to illness, overwork, stress, leaving dark circles and puffiness.

skin around the eyes is the most vulnerable.She is very thin, only 0.005 mm, has almost no protective hydrolipid layer under it a little subcutaneous fat.At the same time it is experiencing a considerable burden: we only blink up to 10 thousand times a day.And how much winking, squinting against the sun, wind, fun, grimacing in pain, crying, laughing?

All this leaves traces on the skin around the eyes, leading to the formation of wrinkles and folds.There are also the "bags" under eyes - pads of fat lumps, on whom rest the eyes.Stretching thi

n skin, they form small swellings, which are enhanced with age and does not disappear even after the holiday.

Nobody says that it is necessary to turn the face impassive mask, do not suffer and do not laugh.And yet my eyes and the skin around them should be protected from an early age, and after 20 years, surround with care and attention.

* The simplest remedy for redness and irritation century - lotion of strong tea, lukewarm 1- 2% boric water or chamomile, imposed for 3-5 minutes.

* Waking up in the morning, do not rub your eyes, otherwise you provided early wrinkles.It is better to wash the eyes, it will eliminate the feeling of cramps and other unpleasant phenomena.Eyewash Use a small cup or a tray, filling clean boiled water at room temperature with the addition of black tea or a decoction of chamomile, parsley, mint (1 tablespoon spoon herb brew 1 cup of boiling water).Tumbler attach tightly to the eye, zaprokinte head back in this position, open and close the eyes, repeating 8-10 times.Thus, the eyeball as it is bathed in a solution.To conclude the procedure, make a few circular motions - left and right.All repeat with the other eye.

* Broth green eyes give shine, soothe irritation, eliminate puffiness under the eyes.After washing, dry the skin and apply to eyelids with light tapping motions nourishing cream.

Very good refreshing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect is compresses of chamomile, mint, dill or parsley.The plant boil, strain it, and given to drink warm broth of a cotton swab, apply to closed eyes.Tampons should cover his eyes from the century before the zygomatic bones.Lie as 1-2 minutes, and then again watered the swab in the warm broth.Repeat procedure 3-4 times.In the end, apply a cold compress, dry the skin and apply a nourishing cream on it.

* Eliminate inflammation and milk compresses: given to drink stale milk cotton swab, apply to closed eyes for 4-5 minutes.Then the eyes, rinse with boiled water, and air dry, apply a nourishing eye cream.

* In the evening, never forget to remove makeup from the skin around the eyes.This is best done with olive oil, but the fit and any vegetable.You will need a few cotton swabs, boiled water and oil.Cotton swab moistened with water, gently squeeze and apply to it a small amount of oil.Tampon put under the lower lashes eyes closed, and the second in the same way dipped in butter ball movement from top to bottom, remove the mascara from the eyelashes.Also clean the other eye.Movements should be gentle and soft.When removing eye make-up so that you keep the lashes and stretch out the skin of the lower eyelids.

* Never sleep face in the pillow, because of this acquired deep wrinkles around the eyes.Try to sleep on your back or on your side.Too high pillow can disrupt the venous outflow in the skin of the eyelids and cause "Bags" under the eyes.It is better to have a thin pillow, and even better to enclose under a special neck roll.